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Disney Multi-Character Drum.

This Disney drum has a tin litho body and cloth over paper drum heads.
Stamped on the drum is J.Chein & Co.
From the 1950's and measuring 11" dia. by 4.5" tall.
Drum heads are aged but solid without holes.
Scattered scuffing on both blue rims-- body is without dents.
Assorted Disney characters marching around drum.


Early Mickey Mouse Tin Litho Carpet Sweeper.

1930's Walt Disney Co. tin litho carpet sweeper. Manufactured by Ohio Art Co. Top of sweeper has a graphic scene of Mickey playing the piano for Minnie. Both slanted tin side panels have Mickey and Minnie dancing between the name "Mickey Mouse". Wood side panels and wheels. Attached metal bracket holds the handle. Sweeper measures 4 x 7 x 2 inches. Red wood handle is 24" long. Moves easily and the brissle brush still picks up string!!! Very minor edge wear and no rust. Hard to find in this above average condition with bright colors and a glossy finish.


1920's Mickey Mouse Watering Can.

1920's Walt Disney Co. tin litho toy watering can or pail by Ohio Art. Same great images of Mickey planting his garden on both sides. Measures 5 3/4" x 7 1/2" x 3/8". Colors are strong and displays well although there are some scattered surface rusting spots mostly confined to pouring spout area. Nice Early Mickey Mouse Disney Toy.


Disney Kaleidoscope.

This Mickey Mouse and Friends Kaleidoscope is 9" tall and a Walt Disney Production.
The graphics and color are excellent and it is in perfect working order.

Condition 10.


Walt Disney Xylophone and Box.

This Mickey Mouse and Friends Xylophone is 12" long and made of tin.
The graphics and color are excellent on both sides of the xylophone.
Still present are the two wooden sticks and the songbook.
The box has no holes or tears but some crayon on Donald.

Condition 9.



Disney on Parade Rug.

This 36" x 22" fabric rug w/ fringe along the bottom and top is showing Mickey Mouse as the band leader. It still has the original tag attached to the back. Made in Italy in the late 1930's. Walt Disney Productions. Still in Mint Condition.



Disney Toys