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Hartz Mountain Bird Cage.

Nice metal bird cage that you received when purchasing a small bird.
Paper litho label on one side
Measures 6 1/2" long x 4" wide by 5" high
Mint unopened Hartz Mt.
Sand perch on top of cage.

Very Good Condition.


Assorted Bird Gravel Boxes.

None of Them Have Been Opened.
Still Contain Their Full Contents.

Geisler's Canary Gravel & Geisler's Parrakeet Gravel
Each weigh 1 3/4 lbs. From the 1930's.
Geisler Pet Prods Omaha 2, Nebraska

French's Canary Bird Gravel.
1 1/2 lbs. 1940's-1050's
R.T. French Comp. Rochester 9 NY

Tweet Bird Gravel w/ Canary & Parrakeet
1 lb. 8 ozs. 1940's.
House of Huston

Hartz Mountain Parrakeet Gravel &
Hartz Mtn. Bird Gravel w/ Canary
Each weighs 1 3/4 lbs. 1930's-1950's
Hartz Mountain Products
Bird Gravel w/Canary is less common

Geisler Canary $ 155

Geisler Parrakeet $ 135

French's Canary $115

Tweet $ 95

Htz. Mtn. Parrakeet $ 105

Htz. Mtn. Canary $ 125


Assorted Bottles of Bird Seed.

6 different full & unopened bird seed & treat bottles:
Hartz Mountain Condition Food
Hartz Mountain Parakeet Treet
Little Pal Canary Song Treat
Burnett's Parakeet Treat
House of Huston Parakeet Treet
House of Huston Moulting Food

$40 each

Justrite Canary Supplies.

Assortment of Justrite Canary Supplies and Booklets
Striped Products on Right are From 1933.
Others From 1937
Well Illustated Booklets
Tins are Full and Unopened
Booklets are Mint.

Overall Condition: 9+.

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Bishop's Best Canary Seed.

Early paper over cardboard container.
Prepared by Bishop The Birdman of Baltimore, Maryland.
Multi color graphics of 10 different types of canaries.
Each bird is numbered & their name is imprinted
on the bottom red boarder.
Clean & bright with no paper loss.
Full Never Opened. 12 ozs. 6" tall.