Radio Friends Re-unite, July 23, 2007

Frank Reed, KLTY Dallas, Bob Andrews mornings WLBE, Gabe Burton and Mac McNair general manager of WLBE

Frank Reed with his mentor Bob Andrews.  Frank is a true radio success story having been a part of WNBC, New York, and many other major market radio stations.  Click their names to read their bio's on Bob Padilla's amazing radio web site Central Florida Radio.

Bob Andrews and Gabriel Burton reminisce.  Gabe started in Lake County again under the guidance of Bob.  Gabriel Aaron Burton's unique fast paced style and outrageous humor could be heard in Orlando, Daytona, Cocoa and Melbourne.  Bob, Frank and Gabe all obtained the coveted FCC First Class Radio Telephone license and could operate night time directional antenna arrays while entertaining their audience.  Since this eliminated transmitter engineers, talented professions such as these were sought after by directional stations

Frank, Bob, Gabe and Dave Edwards.  

I feel so grateful that these guys are a part of my life.  Between the five of us, Mac, Bob, Gabe, Frank and me, our radio experience cumulatively totals over 200 years.  Thanks Gabe Burton for bringing us all together.