This is a home made DVD with 7 scenes from 1982-83. The videos where originally shot on
VHS tape using a Panasonic PK-751 camera and it's companion recorder. This was a two unit
rig with the camera and the recorder as separate unites connected by a large cable. These huge
machines were among the first video cameras designed for home use. The camera had a "vidicon"
tube notorious for streaking in low light situations. The video-audio material was transferred to a  DVD+R and is not the professional movie type DVD with copyguard and a thick layer of protective plastic like you would find commercial movies on. It does play well on all the different DVD machines I have tried it on. The camera was not mounted on a tripod and there is some camera shake from the amateur photographer. Because of the vidicon tube there is some color distortion especially in low light situations. On the positive side these video's are really vintage if you consider 25 years to be old. There is no narration but each scene has a title indicating location and date. There is also no annoying music, the sound is all natural, including bells & whistles, revving engines and two way radio chatter. Our second video
"Florida Railroad trains video on DVD late 1980's" is now available.  


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On this overcast day at the south end of the yard looking north we see a single switcher behind a
gondola in the distance. Behind the switcher, white smoke. A lash-up of three units emerges, lead
unit is SCL 1805 pictured above.  Sorry I don't have the talent to recognize the different makes & models of engines. But if you have an equipment roster of engines for Seaboard Coast Line in 1982 you can look it up. The three engines pass the camera and head south to state road 46. In 1982 there was no
highway bridge at this location. Apparently this is a switching move as the engines stop and then
back up again by the camera spewing plenty of white smoke. Run time is 8 min 55 sec.


Sanford Florida is no longer a station stop but back in 1982 it was along with a fueling and
possible crew change location for this Amtrak north bound train with engine FP style engine #
381 pulling an all heritage fleet of cars. During this elongated stop the camera pans to the east and
west of the station to take in the view of what was once the majority of the fleet of cars for the
original Auto Train before the takeover by Amtrak. And form the looks of things looks like the
original Auto Train was out of business. Plenty of rolling stock seen here briefly, including dome
card and two caboose. Meantime back at the business end of Amtrak engine # 381 the horns
sounds for departure and the camera goes into a brief frenzy of spasmodic twitching as if startled
by the horn. We see the entire train depart around a nice curve. The camera again pans around
the area across the tracks and west of the station for more views of rolling stock and some SCL
engines. You will also see all the buildings and structures standing at that time. In this scene is
seen Milwaukee Road's Hiawatha Dell Rapids pictured above. Scene runs 6 min 50 sec. 


Amtrak train # 82, pictured above,  with engines 382 and 372 has already stopped at the Amtrak station Orlando when the camera arrives. There is a brief shot of the ex ACL signal bridge over the tracks that no longer is there. A crewman adjusts the coupler of the front of engine 382. We see passengers
boarding and we cross the tracks and get a nice view of the entire train from opposite side. There
is a brief stationary view of SCL engines 373 and 391 in the yard west of the station. We see the
same crew member that was adjusting the coupler look at his watch as he holds a switch in a
metal box that probably brings down the crossing gates. Engine 382 sounds his horn, the camera
man shakes the camera, and the train departs north. The entire train is seen with some of the new
amfleet coaches. The segment ends with a view of the Orlando station and it's unique
architecture. Run time 7 min 25 sec. 


The clouds loom low in the sky after a brief late summer shower, we see the crown starting to
assemble at the station for a northbound immediately followed by a south bound Amtrak train. 
To the west of the station is SCL engine 5136, pictured above, in Family Lines paint of grey, yellow and orange and engine 360 in SCL black with yellow striping. We get a brief close up view of 5136, an
unusual looking engine. Panning to the south we hear the horn and then see Amtrak PO88 round
the bend behind engine 360. On the opposite side of the train of the passengers boarding. There is
a brief view of baggage loading or unloading. The it's to the other side of the train now pulling
out. As the northbound slips out of view we get a glimpse of the signal cantilever between the
tracks looking like it may have had some of it's signals defrocked. Next the southbound train
PO87 with engine 377 makes it's approach. There is a large seniors group waiting on the
platform. We see the train crew assisting them aboard and get a shot of the engine crew waiting
for departure. The horn sounds and the train heads south. Hear that lonesome whistle blow as
the train disappear around the bend. Run time 12 min 45 seconds.



A short one. The camera arrives at the old Lakeland passenger station as a north bound Amtrak,
led by engine 274, pictured above, finishes taking on passengers and prepares for departure. The train horn sounds and the camera shakes. A lingering shot of the train passing and proceeding north up a
slight grade with a nice view of the back side of the southbound cantilever signal. The camera
pans south toward Tampa with an engine on a siding in the far distance and then briefly pans
north again. Run time 2 minutes 16 seconds



We hear the whistle echo off the side of a citrus processing warehouse tinted orange by the setting
sun. The shadow of engine 389 precedes it's appearance from the McDonald connection into the
can yard. A guess here, but McDonald connection was probably named after the owners of the
citrus plant, and can yard refers for the large drums that the citrus product was transported in. 
We see the engine emerge from the former ACL Lakeland division onto the tracks of the SAL
Miami division as crewman riding the side of the engine with red flag in hand, jumps off the train
and lines the switch. The train makes it's transition onto the Miami sub where a crewman from
the back of the train, pictured above,  lines back and locks the switch. We then watch as the train builds speed, sounds it horn and heads south toward Miami. Run time is 3 minutes 28 seconds.




June 26, 1983. The plan was to video-graph the two north board Amtrak trains, one from Tampa and the other out of Miami as they combined as one train at Aburndale, Florida for the trip north. The opening short looks south down the track toward Miami and north toward Orlando from the diamond where the Seaboard crossed over The Atlantic Coast line. We see the mechanics that will perform this combining task in their trucks. Out of no where comes a downpour. First train to arrive is the one from Tampa, we see the heavy rain in the beam of his head lamp as we are now confined to the innards of a Volkswagen for the entire segment to keep the equipment out of the rain. This, however gives us a chance to hear the mobile scanner and monitor the operation of combining the trains. During this switching maneuver a bolt of lightning hits nearby. BAM.. The camera does a little shaking after this close call and we hear a tone from the scanner. The "Carters" defect detector starts calling out a defect repeatedly, probably as a result of the lightning strike. The mechanical crew continues to assemble the train with their raincoats in drenching rain and we listen to their conversations on the scanner, over the stuck detector. As the train pulls out the rain subsides but not the train action. Almost as fast as the lightning from the storm a south board freight appears through the car windshield from Wildwood on the Miami subdivision. This section of track was pulled up years ago. Although we don’t see much of the engine there is a nice shot of the caboose with rear marker light flashing as the train disappears from our view into the rain and fog. Run time 14 minutes 50 seconds.  

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Florida Railroad trains video on DVD late 1980's

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