At the "height" of my radio career

Hi and welcome, I'm Dave Edwards and  was on the air from 1965 to to 1996 in Florida. I got my lucky break at  WIII in Homestead, Fl. while in high school.  Please click on the pictures to get a larger image and then return to this page using the back key on your browser. 

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Far left is Hank Cutshall around 1962 at the Gates "Gatesway" console of WSDB 1430, Homestead, Fl. which became WIII with Dave Elliott at the controls in 1965.  Here's Hank  with Jon Provost of Lasie fame in 1966 and the  coverage map . Note the change in mic's to the classic Western Electric 639A

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WKAT, The Talk of Miami, 1360 Khz. control room, Miami Beach, 1967.  The board was a custom built Western Electric.  Day transmitter (5KW) was in front of the operator night (1KW) in back.  Mic is a Western Electric 639
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WQAM, Miami, Late 60's.  At left is  Lee Sherwood at the McAllister Hotel studios.  The board, a heavily modified Gates "yard" was peppered with start buttons for the McKenzie tape loops that contained the Pam series jingles.  Mic is an RCA 77DX.  Jim Dunlap is in the next picture seated in front of a Gates "diplomat" production board at the new studios on 41st St. Miami Beach 1966. Photo's courtesy of computer programming consultant Dan Phifer.
wwok_studio.jpg (40415 bytes) wwok_prod.jpg (33180 bytes) WWOK, 1260 Miami.  This facility was formally WRIZ 1550.  Mission Broadcasting, San Antonio purchased the 1260 freq (formally WAME) so it could broadcast 24 hours a day.  To the left is the control room, Gates "President" console, turntables and cart machines and Electra Voice 666 Mic.  Next picture is the production room. 666 and 635A EV mics.  The board?
tomloudave.jpg (82412 bytes) wjno_studio.jpg (69776 bytes) Three hams and a mic. This staged picture in the conference room (far left) of WJNO West Palm Beach circa 1972. The mic is legendary RCA 77-DX.  Behind the mic, one of the best voices in broadcasting Tom McCarthy   of Warm 106.9 Seattle   Standing, Dave Edwards, . Seated, Lou Warren now host of a network radio show. Next photo is the  WJNO control room.   (click for another picture) around 1971.
WJNO Prod 6-71.jpg (199936 bytes) WIRK control 7-72.jpg (228714 bytes) The picture to the left is the WJNO production room as it looked in 1971. Picture next to it is the control room at top forty formatted  WIRK 1290 -AM West Palm Beach. The board is a Gates Gatesway, very common in those days.  WIRK was a big stepping stone for air talent to the major markets like WQAM and WFUN  in Miami. 
harris_wmel.jpg (58279 bytes) wmelprod.jpg (36455 bytes) WMEL, 920 AM, Melbourne, Florida.  This well engineered facility still serves the space coast today.   Bill Harris, one of the top minds in broadcast engineering, is shown at the controls of a Gates Gatesway in this 1973 photo.  Picture to the right of Bill is the WMEL production room.
lowe_kko.jpg (45886 bytes) gabe73.jpg (55143 bytes) Intense Rock & Roll at WKKO, (left) Michael W. Lowe  at the controls in 1974, the tongue says it all. Mike is a pro and has worked at some of Central Florida's most prestigious radio stations on the air and as a program director. Gabriel Burton (right),  seen here at legendary rocker WKKO Cocoa Beach, FL. His high energy and off the wall comments made him one of the most popular personalities on The Space Coast. The  additional  meter on this Collins board is not stereo,  it's for limiting/compression. Photos January 1974. WKKO Control Room 1973  , The Mystery Jock
WJAXctl.jpg (428585 bytes) FrankWIVY.jpg (472426 bytes) Jacksonville, 1975.  To the left is the control room of WJAX-FM.  The gentleman spinning records to the right at WIVY is legendary broadcaster Frank Reed, formally of  WNBC  and now operations director at  KLTY Dallas, TX.   New Jacksonville Pictures  Dr - X  WIVY,    Charlie Smith  WJAX,    Frank Reed  WIVY
bjprodrm.jpg (48980 bytes) bjcr.jpg (56244 bytes) WBJW-FM, BJ-105 Orlando, 222 Hazard St, Dubsdread golf course.  Owned by Rounsaville Radio Atlanta.  Photo to the left is the production room, all RCA equipment except the Ampex reel to reel tape decks.  Photo at right is the control room with the "mystery jock".  Photos are from December 1975
stone 4-73.jpg (136025 bytes) count 10-76.jpg (139415 bytes) More BJ-105, Orlando.  Morning Man Mitchell Stone (left) whips out some audio magic on Ampex decks in the BJ-105 production room.  And you can count on the count to be around especially during halloween 1976.  Note the Mic in the control room has now changed from the RCA 77-DX to a Shure SM 58.
tom west 4-78.jpg (133874 bytes) staff 2 6-78.jpg (173537 bytes) TOM WEST, Program Director, BJ-105 on the board.  What's he reading?  Radio & Records of course.  At the base of the old tower near Lake Cane Marsha are Brother Bob Maples, Don Anglin C.E., M.F. Kirchner, G.M. Bill Barber, Mornings, Stan Price promotions and Ransome Welborn, engineering.

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