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scl 4900 doodlebug neg scan.jpg (335580 bytes) The Doodlebug, SCL 4900 operated between Venice and Tampa with generally  one or two passenger cars that connected with the trains that ran to New York & Boston.  Picture was taken in Venice around 1968 using a 126 type fixed lens camera so it isn't real clear. This picture is a scan from the negative.
scl silver meteor WPB 10-1971 d.jpg (144747 bytes) Lounge, Parlor car with name plate for the Silver Meteor in West Palm Beach around October of 1971. Note the whistle that is connected to the brake air line used for backing into Jacksonville terminal.  Picture was taken with a wide angle lens causing the visual distortion to the revolving dome light at the top of the car. 
santafe.jpg (137746 bytes) Somewhere in New Mexico, August 1978 
spariz.jpg (134367 bytes) Unknown location in Arizona,  August 1978
harp_stl.jpg (150078 bytes) On the border, Harpers Ferry, 1976
harpches.jpg (141297 bytes) Harpers Ferry, 1976
rockville sep72.jpg (165092 bytes) The famous Rockville Bridge over the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg, PA. Sept 1972
enola sep72.jpg (161613 bytes) Enola Yard near Harrisburg, PA., pre-Conrail.  The railroad was Penn-Central. Sept 1972
sclhia.jpg (109356 bytes)

Hialeah, Florida (near Miami) around 1972

eastjunc.jpg (146628 bytes) East Junction, south of Memphis, TN on the Illinois Central. 1976?
gangsat4.jpg (210537 bytes)

Contempory railroading at Gang Mills, NY, just south of Corning on the southern tier, now operated by the NS.

gangsat5.jpg (332201 bytes)

Gang Mills, NY on the old Erie RR main line between Chicago and New York

rs3a.jpg (41659 bytes) The RS3 Collection   Seaboard Coast Line # 1161, an Alco RS3 near Ft. Lauderdale around 1969
rs3b.jpg (32609 bytes) SCL #1162 at West Palm Beach February 1972. To hear an RS3 click here
rs3c.jpg (98836 bytes) Southern # 157, RS3 in southeast Georgia Nov. 1974
rs3d.jpg (60667 bytes) An RS3 in the lead at Jacksonville, FL. near Beaver Street. February 1974
lkalfred.jpg (103423 bytes) Lake Alfred, Florida.  The beginning of Amtrak around 1972
lnwpb3.jpg (93873 bytes) West Palm Beach, Florida. 1972.     The early days of Amtrak before the equipment was repainted
B&O WPB apr72.jpg (133593 bytes) Another picture of early Amtrak equipment in West Palm Beach.  April 1972
L&N Delta Dec71.jpg (168404 bytes) Location is Delta, on the former Seaboard main line just North of West Palm Beach in December, 1971.
thornton ms 6-82.jpg (163125 bytes) 1982 photo taken in Thornton,  MS. In Illinois Central days, this was part of the Yazoo District, now CN's Yazoo sub. 
radford2 9-89.jpg (144275 bytes) This is not just one long lashup, sadly these units are to be scrapped on otherwise disposed of.  Radford, VA September 1989.
tunnel hill5.JPG (90483 bytes) Tunnel Hill, Northeast GA. On the old L&N from Atlanta to Chattanooga . 4/28/03 Very historic and scenic location.
georgia woodlands.jpg (65600 bytes) Georgia Woodlands Railroad, south of Washington on Georgia S.R 47 Is that a GP-7?  Photo date April 30, 2003
manchester8.JPG (97520 bytes) Manchester, GA 6/11/03.  This is a lashup of 8 units.  Most likely not all 8 are on line (or pulling) this is probably part of a power transfer
manchester8a alt.jpg (97950 bytes) Manchester, GA is a great train watching spot.  Like Folkston, GA it has an enclosed  platform with roof for rail fans to safely view trains
trilby 143 8-78.jpg (151959 bytes)

This photo was taken at Trilby, FL August 1978.  Could this be the 1913 Porter Steam engine on display at The Pioneer Museum in Dade City

trilby 143a 8-78.jpg (179259 bytes) The steam engine in gone and the tracks are too.  This was the former Atlantic Coast Line that ran north to High Springs, FL. It is now The Withlacoochee Trail State Park


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