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Do you really look like that?
Yes, I kind of look like that; but I really look like the one with the biggest lips, below. The others in the picture are Augusta Read Thomas and Matias Tarnopolsky, and the shot was taken after a Chicago Symphony MusicNOW concert. We were mugging for the camera after a normal shot, though Gusty didn't participate. She probably thought the picture might someday turn up on a web page or something. There were other people in the room, including the ferociously talented Amy Dissanayake, David Smooke, and the picture-taking Stacy Garrop, who took this picture.
The shot with toy piano below is the shot I have been using for a while. It was one of about 75 taken of me by Beff on the morning of August 2, 2003, just a few days after a haircut. I am thinking the hair is a little too frizzy on the June picture of "Home" on this web page. I added brightness and contrast in Photoshop. The music behind me is a duo for violin and cello, version 3.0, and you can see an old pic of Beff as appears on her webpage, a clock/thermometer, and a calendar given me by Yoko Nakatani.
And by popular demand, a picture of our red canoe, in snow (or white water, as some call it), with our now sadly deceased cat Poom (so far we have no happily deceased cats). Picture by me, 1993. Next to it, a video still of another sadly deceased cat, Drip, sneezing after nuzzling a Trader Joe's Cat Scratcher which had been seeded with catnip. Below, Drip's son Bly, on one of the window seats downstairs, on the last day of his life (December, 19, 2003).
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The black and whites I have been using are now retired (on the left, taken by Tama Hochbaum in 1994, on the right by Mel Rosenthal in 1997) and are presented here, much reduced, for the sake of nostalgia. The one on the right, colorized, is the cover of Bridge 9121, the first volume of Amy Dissanayake's recording of my piano etudes. The weird shot with trees was taken at the MacDowell Colony by Judith Dupre and traced in Adobe Streamline with 16 colors. I include it because Beff thinks it's "cool."
These two shots were taken during the recording sessions for Amy's second CD of piano etudes, with an eye toward CD cover or inside art. The one on the left was taken by Amy, and the one on the right was taken by the great Judy Sherman. Note that in the control room I am wearing laceless sneakers -- they were purchased at K-Mart in Bangor. The white socks are a special added bonus for my fans.
The two below are outtakes from our photo session.
Our House
Beff - UMaine
A little while ago, Amy (see above) happened onto a wig store going out of business, selling its stock at a steep discount. Amy asked me what color wig I wanted, and for whatever reason, I answered, "Blue, to match my eyes." Amy actually followed through, and below is evidence of that. I made sure not to shave before taking this picture (picture by me, with time delay). To the right is a picture taken of me by Martler on Great Russell Street in London in December, 2006. I am posing with a headless statue that just happened to be lying around.