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Little Boy's Outfits 1898

Boy's Clothing 1898

Little Girl's Ball Gown 1870's

Two Little Girls, Photo 1873

Two Girls and a Boy Photo 1877

Children 1870's

Little Girl w/Dog 1871

Woman and Child 1873

Little Girl w/Toy 1868

Children's Dresses 1868 (Scroll down)

Boys' and Girls' Outfits 1873 (Scroll down)

Young Boy's

History of Fashion and Dress offers information, images and links.

Places to Buy Patterns for Children's Clothing

Ageless Patterns has a number of patterns for girls and boys.

Harper House has a few Victorian patterns mixed in with other periods.

Patterns of Time has quite a few patterns for children for a variety of time periods and cultures. Look for the patterns from 1968 through 1880 or the ones labeled Victorian. These patterns come from a variety of companies, and in some cases you can obtain the pattern more cheaply from its original manufacturer.

Honest Tom's Sutlery is aimed mainly at Civil War Re-enactors but several of the patterns it offers are also suitable for Victorian re-enactment.

Places to Buy Children's Clothing

Ninya Mikhaila Historical Costumer makes and sells complete Victorian outfits as well as individual pieces.

History in the Making Expensive custom clothing

Maggie May's

Recollections sells girls Victorian dresses among other styles. Be familiar with Victorian style before you go to their site.

Miller's Millinery High quality, historically accurate headwear

River Junction Trade Company is aimed mainly at Civil War Re-enactors but several of its products are also suitable for Victorian re-enactment, particularly their kid's shoes.


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