Zgwortz's Guide to the Kingdom of Drakkar

"I unlocked the door but the key snapped off as I opened it. As it swung open I saw gleaming gobs of gold and gems, just lying there on the floor, awaiting the caress of my sweaty, greedy hands. Trancelike, I walked into the room, my eyes hooked to the sight like a fish on a line. Suddenly, with a loud creak and a wham, the door slammed shut, and in the silence which followed, I heard a terrifying click, meaning that I was locked into the room without a key!

"Whirling, I spotted him - taller than the average goblin, and better dressed, slouching against the wall with an evil gleam in his eye and a wicked looking longsword in hand. 'Another annoying adventurer come to steal my gold,' he spewed venomously. 'Well, Zgwortz, I hope you've a taste for steel, because I'm about to feed you five feet of it...' I didn't have time to wonder how this so called Goblin Lord knew my name, as he came at me with a lunge of his longsword, and I knew he'd be a tough, tenacious, terror for me to kill.

"With my own longsword in one hand and a healing potion at the ready in the other, I waded into the fight, swinging my slicer for all I was worth. I had the reach on him, but he was faster than a flock of flyers, carving up the air in front of me with his sword. Then fortune forced it's fickle finger in my direction - the big guy stepped on some scattered silver and slipped, letting loose his longsword, which flew across the room, burying itself in the door like an ice pick into the head of an orc. I gathered myself and in one tremendous thrust, impaled the imp on the tip of my sword, delivering that fatal blow.

"He slumped sickeningly from my blade and his eyes started to glaze over, but just before he died, I heard him whisper, 'I'll be back...' Somehow, I didn't doubt it for a moment."

Welcome to the Kingdom of Drakkar!

The Kingdom of Drakkar is an online multiplayer role playing game on the Multi-Player Games Network (MPGN). This set of web pages serves as a guide to new players of the game, amongst other things.

To start with, you should be aware that I have been playing Drakkar on the Showcase MPGN system. From various sources of information it appears that Drakkar also has a "DOS" version (the original), and a version running on the Microsoft Network (MSN), which I know little about, but in general most of the information here can be applied if you're playing one of the other versions.

All the information on this site is based on my limited experience in the game so far. Take it with a grain of salt.

If you're revisiting, you might want to find out Whats New?

The Chronicles of Zgwortz

When I started playing Drakkar, I found it rather difficult to learn basic things, especially since the CD hadn't arrived yet and the only manual I had was the Quick Start downloaded off of the web site. It is quite possible to get information from the other players, but some things the more powerful players take for granted I found quite confusing. I therefore started taking notes as I went. One day, I wrote up the latest notes as a kind of diary entry. Thus were born the Chronicles of Zgwortz.

The Chronicles are basically a set of daily records of the adventures of Zgwortz, a fighter (my Primary character), and his cousins, Doczgwortz (a healer) and Wizgwortz (a mentalist) as they explore and learn about the world of Drakkar. I've deliberately attempted to avoid giving specific answers to quests and the like, but reading through them you should get an idea of how a series of adventures goes in the game, and any number of obvious and inobvious clues, suggestions, and useful info can be found here, buried amongst the detail which has been added to provide color to the story.

I've so far been able to keep this updated very regularly, so by all means keep watching this spot to see if there have been any new adventures. This is only going to get richer as time goes on if I can manage to keep it up, although I may deliberately stop if it becomes to difficult to avoid revealing important secrets. We'll see...

Click here to read the Chronicles for August 1996. Modified 09/04/96
Click here to read the Chronicles for September 1996. Modified 09/23/96
Click here to read the Chronicles for December 1996. Modified 03/16/97
Click here to read the Chronicles for February 1997. Modified 03/16/97
Click here to read the Chronicles for March 1997. Modified 03/16/97

Other useful information

I've come up with my own page of tips for the game, covering some things which aren't covered in the tips on the MPGN pages. Some of you might find my condensation on how training works, taken from various posts on the MPGN forums.

If you're considering rerolling your character, I've written a summary about what happens when you do. I've also started an ongoing project of collecting information rating how dangerous any particular area is. Contributions to this page are especially welcome.

Finally, I also have a number of ideas on how the game could be improved. Take a look at my wish list for them...


You might want to take a look at Sting's website. It has a bunch of maps which, while slightly out of date and/or incomplete in cases, may help you get started. I do recommend that you get in the habit of mapping things out on your own, however - not only are there significant gaps in those maps, but you will also find it far easier to navigate an area you have mapped fully then than you would if you just looked at a pre-made map. This site also contains some more recent information about Aleria, items, certain quests, and other things.

Another excellent site is the Zand Guild site, which contains maps, descriptions of items, and a lot of generally useful info.

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