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What is a Webring

A webring is a group of sites that share something in common.  Each site displays the webring button on it's page.  That way someone browsing through a site can click on the webring to get a listing of sites that are all similar in someway.  This works for commercial as well as non profit sites. 

What the MudSlinger Webring?

This is a ring of  text based online games, known as MUDs, MUSH, MUCK and by a miriad of other names. This ring links to the homepage or forum page of each of these.  Players connect using telnet or a client such as Zmud, Cmud, TinTin, or Rapscallion.  A character is then created according to the game rules and off you go. These are low memory requirement sites. Most are accessable to low vision or vison impaired users. They come in a variety of types and genres and  most are free or donation requested.   The main criteria for being accepted into this ring is that the mud be at least role play accepted.

Why should I Join?

If you are happy with the traffic your MUD has, then there is no reason.  But many players like to have different scenarios, genres and characters to fit their present mood. Also many MUDs have periods of light play, many gamers play multiple genres.  The ring gives them a group of MUDs to peruse and perhaps join; as well as a way to return to yours easily.  It is free and a good way to promote your site to people who are already interested. 

How Do I Join?

  1. Read the Webring rules to be sure that your site complies.
  2. Join The MUDSlinger
  3. Fill in the form. Be certain to include a valid e-mail address.
  4. Click submit. 
  5. You will recieve an e-mail including the code to post the button on your site.
  6. Place the Button on the page you indicated on the form under HTML code URL.
  7. When we have verified that the button is displayed on your site, your URL will be activated and people will find you when they click on the button.