The six immigrant children of 
Jakob and Margarethe Zeisset

Zeisset Genealogy

The 2014 Zeisset Reunion was held August 1-3, 2014, in Clay Center and Leonardville, KS. The Elizabeth Zeisset Weller family and the Jake Zeisset family were featured.

We have learned a lot at recent reunions. You may review summaries of our get togethers, informative handouts, and slide shows from the 2014 Zeisset Reunion, the 2012 Zeisset Reunion, the 2010 Zeisset Reunion, the 2008 Zeisset reunion, and our 2006 tour of ancestral sites in Germany.

The Zeisset Family in Germany is Loretta Hoerman's summary of what we know about our ancestors. There are other informativie items on our reading list. Some of our reunions have included a bus tour of the farms of our ancestors around Leonardville (see map). A new set of 9 maps summarizes key Zeisset sites in Germany.

We are going to try to add stories of our ancestors to this site. For starters, here are stories about Henry Zeisset, Merton Zeisset, and Bettie Zeisset Hoerman. We hope to build some of those stories around the immigrant's farm homes, starting with information from agriculture censuses that Loretta presented on the 2004 bus tour. Other contributions are encouraged.

Zeisset Families in America

Ancestor Immigration Spouse Children Settled Source
Jakob Freidrich Zeisset
b. May 30, 1837 at Menzingen, Baden, Germany
d. Oct. 6, 1884 at Schwaebisch Hall, Germany
(See map)
6 children immigrated 1883-1893 Margarethe Mueller
b. Nov 8, 1842 at Semd, Hessen
d. Feb 20, 1881 at Kreuzfeld, Wurttemberg
Louise, Bertha, Elizabeth, Jacob, Barbara (Bettie), Henry
Leonardville, Kansas The Zeisset Family in Germany by Loretta Hoerman
"Our First Century in America..." by Merton S. Zeisset
Johann Zeisset
b. Jan 16, 1833 at Menzingen, Baden, Germany
d. Feb 16, 1878 in Okawville, IL
ship Carlus Magnus to NY from La Havre, Aug 9, 1854 Jacobina Carolina Frederika Behr
b. Oct 2, 1833 at Beilstein, Wurttemburg, Germany
William John (b. 1857), Philip (b. 1858) St. Claire Co. IL Richard Zeisset
2250 Cleveland
Granite City, IL 26040
Jacob Zeisert (Seizert)
b. Apr 9, 1825 at Menzingen, Baden, Germany
d. Apr 2, 1882 in Riga, Michigan
probably between 1860 - 1862 Elizabeth Stock
b. Jul 15, 1841 in Wuerttemberg, Germany
d. Aug 15, 1928 in Blissfield, Michigan
Catherine, John, Lena, Caroline, Samuel, Peter, Jacob, Elizabeth Seizert or Zeizert Lenawee County, Michigan Dean Seizert
1777 Augusta Dr.
Fort Myers, FL 33907
George Baer Zeiset
b. Jun 23, 1828 at Hochstadt Hof, Wurttemburg, Germany
d. Mar 13, 1907 in PA
1845, with brother Peter Martha Martin
b. Dec 1, 1826, Pequea, PA
d. Dec 2, 1900
Anna, Elizabeth, Catherine, Fannie, Martin Near Lancaster, PA Brian C.Page
1593 N.Reading Rd
Stevens, PA 17578
Samuel Zeiset
b. May 21, 1829 at Giebelstadt, Germany
d. Jan 21, 1891
  Susan Bally
b. Jun 12, 1833
m. 1856
d. Jul 13, 1899 in Illinois
Elizabeth, John, Samuel, Henry Oklahoma and Kansas Nina Zeiset Koehn
Moundridge Manor
Moundridge, KS 67107
Jacob Zeissett
b. Apr 10, 1856, Aschhausen, Wuertemburg, Germany
d. between 1930-1949 in Connecticut
1870 Anna Louisa
b. 1861, Connecticut
  New York  

Zeisset Families in Germany

Ancestor Spouse Children Settled Source
Matthaeus Zeisset
b. December 20, 1830 at Menzingen, Baden, Germany
d. 19 Nov 1896, at Hohenlindenhof, Germany
Friederica Margaretha Ribstein
b. Feb 22, 1831 at Menzingen, Baden, Germany
d. May 15, 1869 at Menzingen
Matthaeus, b. Jan 6, 1868 Southwestern Germany Raphael Zeisset
Weisweil, Baden-Wuerttemburg, Germany
Isaak Zeisset
b. March 10, 1839 at Menzingen, Baden, Germany
d. 1897 in Darstadt, Bayern, Germany
Bertha Augusta Hettinger
b. Nov 10, 1843 at Eberstadt, Germany
d. date unknown
Elise, Heinrich, Jakob Friedrich, Ludwig, Daniel, Karl, William Berlin, Germany Tim Zeisset
Berlin, Germany

Most of these families, both in America and in Germany, are related (see chart), descendants of Abraham Zeisset (@1718-1787). All of the families come from the same general area in southwestern Germany. Spelling variations among Zeisset, Zeiset, Zeisert, and Zeissett should not be considered significant. For the latest information we have, or to provide more of your own, contact  Paul Zeisset.

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