GPS RouteXchange

Thanks for visiting the GPS RouteXchange. Since you contacted us through the Big Bear Trail Riders club web site, these assumptions are made:

  1. You're an off road motorcyclist with a street legal dual sport bike.
  2. You ride with a GPS mounted in a visible location on your bike.
  3. You're familiar with basic GPS functions like track logs, waypoints and routes and can transfer GPS data to and from your computer.
  4. You hope this GPS stuff will take you to interesting places to ride.

Since this site is just starting things will change as we progress. Your input will determine how this project evolves.

What we want to be:

The vision for the GPS RouteXchange is to be the Auto Club for dual sporting. You will come to the web site, pick your destination and down load an accurate tracklog. The track will have all major turns waypointed and fuel stops identified. All we ask is you submit a great ride you have done in exchange.

What we are not:

  1. We are not in the map business. Your GPS has position information and we make use of this feature. We provide data with position information on where to ride. The maps are up to you.
  2. We are not an information source for GPS hardware. There are excellent sites on the web dedicated to this topic. One of the best is
  3. We have no information about weather conditions or if a particular trail is open or closed today. The data we provide was a legal riding area when collected. There are always temporary closures for trail work, fire danger or wildlife issues that are impossible to track on a daily basis. You are responsible for knowing the legal issues for the area you are riding.

Data formats:

There are so many different mapping software programs in use by GPS users it's impossible to cover them all.

The primary data format for the GPS RouteXchange will be in Garmin Mapsource '*.MPS'. If you're not using Garmin GPS hardware or software please check out OziExplorer:

Download the shareware demo version. This shareware will communicate with almost any GPS with an RS-232 serial port connection.

For the moment we will support these two formats only.

We currently have ride data for Southern California-Big Bear Lake, Central California-Mammoth Lakes, Southwest Utah and Southwest Colorado. New data will be posted as we receive it.

This is an exchange system. You have to submit GPS data for a ride you're proud of to get access to our data.

There is some data available without a submission from you. This data is 'initial submission' that has not been verified by another rider. This data needs confirmation for track accuracy, major turns way-pointed and general comments about the ride. This data is fresh and needs to be reviewed. Since this is new data we have no way of knowing what dangers are present along the way. Ride with caution and never ride alone.

Privacy Statement:

Your e-mail address will be used only by GPS RouteXchange so we can send you a password for the GPS RouteXchange Library. Your 'user name' will be your e-mail address, and will allow you to log-in to the GPS RouteXchange Library. Your e-mail address will not be shared with anyone else.

Submit a GPS Route:

After you submit a route and it has been checked for accuracy, you will be sent a password that will enable you to access our GPS RouteXchange Library. Your submitted data will be processed as quickly as our all-volunteer staff can manage. If you submit data on Friday, please don't expect a reply on Saturday, since we are probably out riding!

To submit a route:

1) Open the Ancillary Data text file and copy it.
2) Click Submit Route to open your e-mail program.
3) Paste the text file into the body of your e-mail message.
4) Fill in the requested information.
5) Attach your GPS data file to your e-mail.
6) Send the e-mail.


Q. You're not supporting the GPS Software I am currently using.

A. Sorry about that. There is simply too many different GPS software packages in use to support them all. The selection of OziExplorer format was based on the excellent serial port communication features with many different GPS models. Our other data format is Garmin Mapsource because most of the Big Bear Trail Rider club members are using Garmin hardware and software.

Q. I don't have any GPS data to submit. What can you do for me?

A. The data marked 'initial submission' is available for download without exchange. This data is new to our database and we need someone to confirm the track log accuracy, mark the major turns with waypoints and make comments about the ride. Since this is new data we have no way of knowing what dangers are present along the way. Ride with caution and never ride alone.

Q. Why is this a free service?

A. Because we have nothing to sell. The data on this site is simply GPS data submitted by folks like you. This idea grew out of a discussion with a bunch of GPS geeks wanting to find more places to ride.

Q. Why don't you have any data for my State.

A. No one has submitted any. Would you like to be the first?

Q. I'm new to GPS and not sure what this technology can do for me.

A. We are dedicated to serve the folks who are completely familiar with GPS technology. When you reach the point that riding without a GPS just seems wrong you will understand why this place exists.

Q. How do I know if the data is accurate?

A. You don't. We are completely dependent on our users. All data that is marked 'initial submission' has not been independently verified by anyone. The rest of our data has been verified by at least one other user. Any 'initial submission' that turns out to have serious problems like private property conflicts or wilderness trespass will be deleted and the person submitting the data will be notified they are in danger of losing access to the GPS RouteXchange database.


For examples of how to use your GPS, check out the CycoActive web site for their:

    1) Compass Example
    2) Track-Log Example