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I'm a staunch supporter of self-defense. Every person deserves to know how to defend themselves against attack. This is a basic right that I feel is too often overlooked.

The fact that we don't teach the basic skills necessary to do so, is part of a societal control that keeps people from actively taking responsibility for their own lives. I say this because I have witnessed the kinds of changes that happen to people when they get in touch with their own power to defend themselves.

Fear of attack and the message that we don't deserve to defend ourselves undermine our ability to make choices. And if we can't make our own choices, we can't take responsibility for our actions. Taking responsibility is the price of freedom, so in effect, we can't be free until we are able to choose.

If you choose to take a self-defense class, make it a good one! A good self-defense class does the following:

  • The techniques should be based on actual analysis of real attacks.
  • The techniques should be taught full-force.
  • The techniques should be taught in an adrenalized state.
  • The class should be geared to holding any reactions that come up
    for you during the course.
  • The class should be geared toward giving you effective tools and
    empowering you to choose how you respond to an attack.

The only organization I've found that does all these is Impact Self-Defense. You can find out more about this amazing organization through its affiliates. Click the link below to find out more...