Riddle 12

translation by Yvonne Rathbone


Pagan Things

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Old English Vocabulary


I travel by foot, tearing
the green fields from the earth,
for as long as I bring forth breath.
If life is lost to me,
I firmly bind the swarthy Welsh,
now I give men drink
from my belly.
Now the bride tramples me
with her stately feet,
now the far brought,
dark haired Welshmaid
carries and stabs me.
Foolish drunk girl,
moistens me with water,
then warms me by the fire.
She sticks me with outstreatched
arms, wanton power turns
frequently, she sweeps me through
the darkness.

Listen to this story!
I was commanded
to live on the land ravagingly,
and following death and fate
to live in service.