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I got Alexander at the Berkeley Human Society in August, 1987. My intention had been to get a shorthaired, ugly kitten. I wanted shorthair because I am slightly alergic to cats. I wanted ugly because I knew I'd love my cat no matter what it looked like. I figured all the cute kittens would be snatched up by superficial people and it was up to me to save the ugly ones from the gas chamber.

Well, there's no such thing as an ugly kitten. They were all adorable and helpless. Looking into their pleading eyes I knew I couldn't consciously chose any one of them because that would mean chosing to abandon all the others. Instead I went to the largest cage which held about twelve kittens. Closing my eyes I reached in and grabbed the first lil fluff ball I found.

I brought Alexander home where we began a relationship of trust and love that would be cut terribley short eight years later. I will always remember the way he used his tail to swear and the way he'd always be there to greet me at the door no matter when I came home.

As to shorthaired and ugly... boy did I blow it!


Junia is the world's sweetest cat. We didn't know what to make of her at first. She could be fast and deadly in a fight - I've personally seen her body slam Alexander. But she's, well, uncatlike. She's one of those cats who will miss a short jump from the chair to the table. She also has a tendency to stand on her whole back foot instead of just the toes. She betrays her felinity in other ways as well. For instance, if she's sleeping on the reclyner, she'll allow you to pick her up and resettle her on your lap. When you need to get up, just place her back on the chair. She barely wakes up when other cats would be offended if you even tried such a maneuver.

Our first hypothesis was that Junia somehow managed to jetison herself up the reincarnation ladder. We believe she was a turnip in her previous life (the selection of the particular vegetable is due to her shape - big in the middle and rather pointy on the ends.) We're not sure what she did to go from such a lowly vegetable all the way to spoiled housecat in one go, but it left her with a lot of catching up to do. Sort of like being advanced several grades in school and wondering why your classmates are excited about the prom.

The second hypothesis is that Junia has actually been a cat for many, many lifetimes. When she realized that Alexander would definately go for the prima donna role, she quickly grabbed onto the role of klutzy innocent. This was a very crafty and ultimately successful strategy. Alexander is always the one to get blamed for anything and everyone agrees Junia is the sweetest cat in the world.

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