Yussi & Django, a L.A.-based guitar duo that blends Spanish and Middle Eastern guitar melodies with powerful Latin rhythm, exhibit their fiery improvisation and gypsy guitar style on the CD Bandidos de Amor (XDOT25). Composed entirely by Illinois-born Django Porter and his Swiss partner, Yussi Wenger, Bandidos de Amor is a great sample of said young guitarists' world beat instrumental style, enhanced by the support of bass, drums, Cuban and Middle Eastern Percussion.

-Latin Beat Magazine, October 96'
Yussi & Django is a guitar duo backed up by bass and percussion who blend Spanish and Middle Eastern guitar melodies with powerful Latin rhythms on their debut XDOT25 release, Arroyo Seco (PM 1004). Their exotic style of instrumental music is spiced with fiery improvisation in the tradition of Eastern Europe Gypsy Spanish Flamenco players.

Yussi performed as the guitarist on the critically acclaimed album Beyond Denial by Los Angeles-based group Axiom of Choice (PM 1002). Yussi & Django have been performing in the Los Angeles area since 1991 and both have studied guitar with Jorge Strunz (Strunz and Farah)

-NAIRD Notes, September 95'
Beyond great, five stars! I've listened to lots of exotic guitar playing over the years but Yussi is the best. El Pirata surpassed what I thought was the greatest listening album of all time, Yussi & Djanjo's Bandidos de Amor

-Amazon.com; October 31, 1999
Reviewer: Pete Saloutos (petefoto@halcyon.com)

Excellent, Passionate, Yussi is my favorite!!, five stars! Yussi is the best! He's like a sweet devil when he plays his music. You must buy this CD. He has sole and alot of drive in his flamenco style. there's nobody else out there like him!!!

-Amazon.com; October 12, 1999
Reviewer: Susan Rey
Superior guitar work, five stars. im a 23 year old showgirl and im amazed by the beautyful music this guy yussi created.He plays that guitar so sensual and masterfully.I tell all my friends about El Pirata.

-Amazon.com; July 7, 1999
Reviewer: Music fan from NY
Guitarslingers, five stars. I recently found out about L.A based group Yussi & Django.I'm glad i did.I can't understand why they are not signed a big Label yet. I wish i could play guitar like they do.For someone that likes Strunz & Farah,Jesse Cook or Ottmar Liebert,this is a fresh and young alternative.Yussi & Django are very creative and exact in their playing and both shred and have chops to burn.There is fast playing but also a lot of gritty middle eastern guitar stuff going on.Odd meter rhythms and south american elements .They sound like Gipsies.

-Amazon.com; November 28, 2000
Reviewer: A music fan from L.A CA

Yussi's fiery , majestic nylon-string guitar work highlights
"Sambenco" while Daryl S. 's lurid violin opens "Gipsy Serenade" before yussi follows the accelerating tempo and whips it into a frenzy.

-Alternative Music Press (on Jim Mc Grath's Passport)
Great new album, five stars! El Pirata seems to be Yussi's first solo record.I hope there will be more.I can relax to it but also get excited about the playing. This record is better than most of it's genre.I hear strong central-american and middle-eastern influences.A must for all spanish guitar freaks.I'd like to see this guy play live.There is accordeon and trumpet to be heard,also yussi plays mandolin, so it never gets boring.The first 5 songs are my favorites.I'm looking foreward to the next release.

-Amazon.com; November 28, 2000
Reviewer: James
Buy it! Four stars. I use this cd to teach stage movement for actors, and students constantly ask me who this great duo is!!!! I highly recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Amazon.com; September 5, 1999
Reviewer: A music fan from L.A. CA
2 Years and still one of my favorites, four stars! Great Instrumental Album! Yussi & Django are accompanied by several talented musicians from the Los Angeles area. This young duo provides some amazing solos but mostly work together as a team. Great dueling guitars. I have turned at least 4 other people on to this album. It soothes; it rocks, and leaves you thinking, "how does he do that"? I play it all the time a nobody has ever yanked it out of the CD player in search of something else. Did I mention I am 7ft. tall and weigh 300 lbs.? Kidding. The average Joe has a 65% chance of keeping it (which isn't bad) while a rounded music lover, collector or practitioner (which is most of us) will more than likely keep it and inflict it on their friends! It's a good buy. If I had to drive across country and back and only take 10 CD's out of my collection of 300 this would definitely go with me. I guess that says a lot P.S. This is no honeymoon phase with this album. I've dragging this disc from my car to the house to work and to my friends' house for over two years and have had to replace it once after it "mysteriously" disappeared. It's pure. It's energy. You'll like it.

-Amazon.com; October 19, 1998
Reviewer: Spurber

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