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The Last Place on Earth

MPS: Yuba City, CA, USA: A group of scientists working under the auspices of Carlsburg Primary University announced the discovery of The Last Place on Earth. The team consisting of Professor Marlowe Burns Ph.D., Geologist; Professor Samuel Pitney Ph.D., Astronomer; Sarah Gagner-Holtz Ph.D., Social Scientist and Michael David Questern Ph.D., Anthropologist made the announcement at the site of The Last Place on Earth.

“Contrary to popular belief,” said Professor Burns, “we did not find The Last Place on Earth in the last place we looked. It was discovered in 1987 but, we had to explore every point on earth before we could confirm the discovery.” Dr. Gagner-Holtz added, “It was a massive undertaking with data gathered at great expense to assure accuracy. The scientific community can be justly proud of this work.”

Professor Pitney remarked, “Some interesting phenomena associated with The Last Place on Earth is that an imaginary line drawn from that point in any direction around the circumference of the earth will always return to the exact same point. Also, twice a year, when the sun is overhead at noon, a line drawn from the center of the earth through the last point on earth will bisect the sun.”

Phenomena Phenomena

Lines drawn through The Last Place on Earth circling the globe return to The Last Place on Earth. Twice a year a line drawn through the diameter of the earth at The Last Place on Earth bisects the sun.

The last place on earth is located in Yuba City, CA 600 yards west of the Yuba City High School (Home of the Honkers) at the corner of Brown Avenue and McCollum Ave. The site is coincidentally marked by a yellow fire hydrant. “

The Last Place on Earth

A fire hydrant located at Brown Ave and McCollum Ave
marks The Last Place on Earth

We should erect a more suitable marker at the site,” remarked Dr. Questern “Perhaps a fountain since the water is already available.”

Now that their work is done the team is reluctant to disperse. They are considering several projects. “But,” they said in unison, “there will never be another endeavor as exciting as the search for the Last Place on Earth.”


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