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Foever Stamps

MPS: Yuba City, CA, USA: When the United States Postal Service raised the price of a first class stamp from 39 cents to 41 cents it created a new stamp called "The Forever Stamp". Their press release emphasized that this new stamp could be used forever, impervious to future increases in the price of first class mail rates. As a public service to its readers, The Yuba Yada Yada is presenting this illustrated guide to explain how to use "The Forever Stamp".

Start with a used stamp.
When you recieve a letter with a Forever Stamp . . .

Steam stamp off.
Steam the stamp off. A coffee pot or a tea pot will create a nice jet of steam. (Be careful not to scald yourself.)

Add glue.
Smear glue on the stamp. (Do not use super glue as the stamp will be destroyed the next time it is removed.)

Place on new envelope.
Place the Forever Stamp on a new envelope.

Place on new envelope.
And the Forever Stamp is ready to continue its eternal journey.

The above article is satire meant for entertainment.
The reuse of postage stamps is prohibited by law.


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