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Bird Wars

MPS: Yuba City, CA, USA: This is a pictoral record of the famous bird wars of Yuba City which have occurred numerous times over the last three decades. The images of this year's battles were captured by the Yuba Yada Yada's intrepid team of photographers.

Invaders Gather on Lake

The invaders are observed assembling by the hundreds on lakes northwest of Yuba City preparing for war.

Water Tower

The generals and troop leaders meet in the war room high on the Yuba City water tower.

Shell sign
Goodyear sign

Scouts select high observation sites throughout the city.

The early warning system is in place.

Birds in Trees

Sunset silhouettes the defenders of Yuba City as they roost in trees and await the next days battle.

Invaders in Flight

At the appointed hour the invaders take flight toward Yuba City and the attack begins.

Battle Begins

The two flocks approch each other over The Yuba Sutter Mall.

The Flocks Engage

The flocks engage in battle above the mall.

Dead Birds

The battle is fierce. The dead quickly accumulate on the streets.

Eagles Appear

The raging battle and large flocks have attracted the attention of three hungry eagles.

Eagle Attack

As the eagles attack the warriors abandon the battle and hastily retreat.

The war is over...

until next year.


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