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It's a Big Country

MPS: Yuba City, CA, USA: America is growing. Not in dominion but in pride. The citizens of America's major cities are giving their hometowns nicknames that all begin with "The BIG". This reporter decided that on a return trip from vacation he would route through these cities.

The Journey began at the Old North Church in The Big Bean. I traveled south to The Big Apple for a respectful visit to Ground Zero. From there it was on to The Big Guy. But, congress was not in session and the POTUS was out of town, So, it was on to The Big Beach and of course an enjoyable day among the bikinis.

The next stop was The Big Easy which has been having a hard time since Katrina visited. From there it was an easy hop to The Big D where I visited some fine old friends followed by a jump north to The Big Windy for a delicious steak. Then on to The Big High for a vigorous hike on a mountain.

The quick trip to The Big Gamble was a little more expensive than I had budgeted for, which meant that when I reached The Big Maybe I had to settle for a cheap movie for entertainment. At that point I decided to head for home via The Big Swish, once known as Bagdad by the Bay. And, finally, I returned to The Big Why and the familiar offices of The Yuba Yada Yada.

All in all, a pleasant journey. I think for my next vacation I will visit The Big Island.

Big Country Map

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