Introduction to Anthropology
ANT 2000 – Dr. Jennifer craythorne

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Current news of Interest to Anthropologists and Students

why antibiotics are making us ill

epigenetics and inheriting stress

neanderthals cleared of mass mammoth slaughter

DNA Hunter Taking Us Back to Our Roots

anthropology in action: Miami archaeological site

not anthropology but Interesting all the same – 500 Million year old fossils found in Canada

300,000 Year old Hearth Found in Israel

850,000 year old footprints found in the UK

Neanderthal Inheritance: Genes for Disease

Milk Mystery: Did Gloomy Weather Lead to Lactose Tolerance?

neanderthal genes in modern humans

mystery humans spiced up ancients sex lives

how humans created cats

Neanderthals could speak like humans

how to save farming

skull of homo erectus throws story of human evolution into disarray

how humans are going to become extinct

why we have sex

the downside of sex with neanderthals

why is the human penis shaped the way it is?

yale’s monkey brothel? (be sure to read the links from this page)

Are you ready for a world without antibiotics?

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Introduction to Anthropology Syllabus

Introduction to Anthropology Syllabus (PDF)

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out of africa


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Outlines for Discussion ARticles:

Yanomamo  (outline)

Lessons From the Field (outline)

Black, white, other (outline)

does race exist? (outline)

When Brothers Share a Wife (outline)

Death Without Weeping (outline)

Why Can’t People Feed Themselves? (outline)

the Arrow of Disease (outline)



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Among the Wild Chimpanzees

a class divided

Why Sex?

Evolutionary Arms Race

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