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If you prefer to learn yoga one-on-one, ask about private lessons...

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The ancient practice of yoga was one-on-one....

This is the way yoga was originally taught--one-on-one. With your teacher's complete attention devoted to you, your practice will deepen and develop. For beginners, you'll learn proper alignment and be able to ask as many questions as you like. For  those recovering from injury, illness, or surgery, you may want to work privately before you return to full activity. And for those with special needs, such as pregnancy, or physical limitations, private practice may be ideal. 

Suzanne has spent 18 years deepening her teaching skills, and along the way has taught private lessons to many, including those with MS, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, shoulder injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, and back problems, as well as pregnant women. Her compassion, understanding, patience, and passion for learning what her students need makes her an excellent ally in your quest for a blissful yoga experience. Please click "Feedback Form" at left, with your email or phone, and Suzanne will contact you. Or just click the "Contact Us" link.

Suzanne will come to you at home or office. References available upon request.