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About Yoga in the Sky...

Yoga in the SkyŠ teaches airline travelers ways to make their flight more comfortable, healthy, and relaxing, all within the space of 23"(the measurement of the average seat room in coach). In view of the increasing incidence of blood clots in the lower extremities associated with sitting for long periods in airline seats, and the number of stories about stressed-out passengers, Suzanne believes the time has come for Yoga in the Sky. Materials provided with the program include biofeedback tools
and a tipsheet, "Top 10 Tips for a Better Flight."

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Did you know....

Earth Spinning

...that the average space between the rows of economy seats in an airplane is 18 to 23 inches?
...that sitting still for long periods of time can increase risk for blood clots in the legs?
...that simple, in-flight stretches can help reduce the chance of leg clots forming?
...that breathing exercises can relieve in-flight anxiety, headaches and tiredness?
...that there is a program to teach you these techniques?
...that clicking here will give you some tips on how to have a safer, happier trip?

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