Lisa Zimmerman

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Colorado woman arrested for civil case -- that she won

Influential attorneys twist law to get even

Seven policemen used to terrorize civil plaintiff

The State of Colorado through the aid of The Douglas County Court can make a plaintiff a defendant and a criminal, through the black licorice twisting of the law, with the aid of a judge and unethical lawyer, who is known as sharp. Please do not use terminology as sharp when a lawyer uses his pull in the system to win a case, because he went to a few cocktail parties with the judges! Here is my story ..

Mind you, this is a civil suit filed in The Small Claims Court System of Douglas County, for the plaintiff could not file in her county per Small Claim Court Rules. I, (plaintiff) filed a Small Claims Court suit against my ex-landlord in 1998 in The Douglas County Court. I won a judgment for $2,300.

[The Colorado Rules of Procedure for Small Claims Courts provide that in Small Claims Court there are no attorneys allowed, and no right of appeal. No transcripts are made of proceedings, an essential for an appeal in Colorado (and elsewhere).]

Defendant obtained two unethical lawyers whom had political pull in the Douglas County Court, were able to receive an appeal from a District Judge, mind you against Colorado Revised Statue Rules 13-6-410 and 13-6-409 and Small Claim rule 520, their was no transcription of trial, 90% of the requirement for filing an appeal. The Judge in the District Court allowed the defendant and his Sharp lawyers to proceed, even though all the rules had been broken per Small Claim Court. The defendant won his illegal appeal and received back the money $2,300.00, that I had won through the default judgment I received on the original court hearing date.

I am now a defendant against the State of Colorado in returning the money that I rightfully won on October 28,1998, through a default judgement. I did not respond when served at my work to fill out interrogatories and was arrested at my home in Vail, Colorado by seven policemen and put in jail for two hours with a bail of $2,500.00.

I had a court date to show up in Douglas County January 12, 2001 at 8:30am, I travel 150 miles from my home, showed up and I was not on the docket! I had to enlist my name that morning to be placed on the docket. The judge saw me and would not take into fact the corruption and mishandling of a Small Claim Court case that went against all the rules. He told me I had to answer the interrogatories and that is what I was there for. I obliged, they had the court accountant tell the court that I owed the money plus interest and if I do not pay a lien will be put on my new house. I have until March 16, 2001 to pay plus interest.

This is justice? Where was the referee in this game? It all comes down to a poor loser who exercised his rights,(through unethical lawyers who had pull in the courts along with the judges), after I successfully garnished his bank account through the default judgement I was awarded. The defendant, lawyers, and judges should have never been allowed to deceive and lie to the courts and make a mockery of Small Claim Court Rules of 501-521.

How can something so simple have been black licorice twisted to the result as of today?

If this were a Corporation or any form of business and the product was not delivered this would be fraud, but not in the courts. I cannot appeal, I cannot re-sue, I have to pay the money back and live a life without black licorice, one of my favorites candies, as the twists are a reminder of how justice can be twisted through deception.

Lisa Zimmerman

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