Welcome to The Injustice Line.

Here is where you can read news stories about injustice in America, and learn what is really going on behind the claims of liberty, justice for all, due process of law, equal protection of the laws, etc. And, you have the chance to submit your own stories.

We are just beginning as a web page, so please excuse any errors. We will be expanding and changing as time goes by, so come back often!

What is Injustice?

Plato defined justice as each person getting his due. Of course, there are many possible forms of injustice. Each time someone cheats you out of what you deserve, there has been injustice.

Other people can treat you unjustly. But at least your tormentors normally are working in their own self-interest. They are not pretending to be fair, or to be working on your behalf. When your own government acts unjustly, it is all the more galling. The Injustice Line will focus mainly on injustices committed by the government, especially those arising from the court system. Because we originate in the United States, we will focus mainly on the United States, but we will welcome input from those suffering injustice in other countries.

We hope that contibutors to the Injustice Line will help us further develop and refine our mission.

Our original site is at http://home.earthlink.net/~ynot/. Our new site is at http://www.injusticeline.com. Soon, only the new site will be used, so visit the new site and update your bookmarks.

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