Prohibition in America

A report on one of America's greatest injustices.

Slavery in America

A report on the future of slavery in America.
Gone for good? Don't you believe it.

The Floyd Caldwell Story

A disturbing true tale of an innocent man victimized by a judge who cared more about protecting his friends from embarrassment than he did about justice.

The Chester Schimberg Story

A true story about a man serving life in prison for a crime scientific experts say he could not have committed.

Guilty Federal Agents Frame Citizens

Government agents try to involve men in bombmaking. When they refuse, and threaten to reveal Government actions, the agents ADMITTEDLY plant bomb materials on the property and arrest the men.

Who are the criminals?

Women victims go to prison; male attackers go free.

Arrests for Speaking

U.S. law provides for freedom of speech. Yet, oddly enough, people are frequently arrested for criticizing President Clinton.

Modern Day Slavery Around the World

A report on slavery as it exists today around the world.

Arrested For Winning In Small Claims Court

After a Colorado woman wins a judgment in small claims court, from which there is no appeal, an influential opponent turns the tables on her.

The Vera Monezi Story

A Brazilian woman speaks out about sexual harassment, and is victimized again.

Judges Grab For More Power

At a California conference, judges make new proposals for mistreating citizens and enhancing the power of (would you believe it?) judges.

The Edward Carlton Story

A shooting victim is railroaded. Although the prosecution branded a witness as a liar for not blaming Carlton, the judge said her testimony proved Carlton's guilt.

Young Man Framed; Lawyer Does Nothing

A heartbroken father tells the sad tale of how his son helped out a homeless man, and ended up being framed and sentenced to 20 years.

Horror Stories Of Divorce

American divorce courts are like lottery; some win big, while others go bankrupt.

Magistrate Gets Back At Old Enemy

Auditor condemns county buying agent for sweetheart deals, then buying agent becomes magistrate and gets even.

Community Courts--
Property Owners Granted Dictatorial Power Over The Poor

"Community activists" get courts of their own to promote their pet projects by inducting hapless pedestrians into slavery

Kern County hysteria claims countless victims.

Activist "investigators" coerce children into making provably false stories. Children who contradict investigators are not allowed to testify. Children who recant are not heard.

Religion and corruption dominate Georgia trial

Mother calls for disbarment of judge after he allows victim's nephew to lead court in prayer, and allows victim's friend to sit on jury and speak to victim's relatives during trial.

Lynching in Malibu

Three teenagers serving life for witnessing a killing. A case so shocking that even Geraldo Rivera, normally every prosecutor's best friend, condemns it as an injustice.

The Robert Cotner Story

Cotner gets life in prison for $80 of marijuana in seriously flawed Oklahoma prosecution, while police criminals get slap on the wrist for far more serious crimes.

Public Employee Harassed

A coverup caused by racial politics leaves woman unprotected from verbal abuse and physical attack.

No Help For Pollution Victim

Shortly after moving into her home, a young woman gets a rash and her hair falls out. Lawyers, courts, and government officials protect the wrongdoers.

Indigenous People Made Scapegoat For Pollution

Tribal children in Malaysia are starved to meet pollution targets while powerful interests continue operating their factories.

The Darcy Morrison Story

Abused woman convicted of the crimes of her abuser.

Woman Wrongly Accused of Shoplifting

Washington law makes wrongful prosecutions profitable for stores.

The Ron Tijerina Story

Important information withheld from the defense at trial, and the "victim" now recants his testimony, but the judge won't listen.

Man Held 25 Days For Spice

Man charged for something that police thought looked like a drug, even after police lab analysis showed it to be rosemary. Same man still faces charges of driving under influence, despite clean blood test.

Whistleblower Expelled by College

Kelley, a college student, complains of federal violations at the college and wins order from federal government that college not harass, intimidate or coerce him. College then expels him.

I.R.S. Agent Harasses Woman

After a woman complains of assault, the assailant, an I.R.S. agent, uses the power of the U.S. Government to harass her and anyone who would dare to help.

State Terrorizes Disabled Employee

A group in Nevada government makes it their business to terrorize disabled employees. One employee has the guts to speak out.

The Christopher Dunn Story

Innocent teen convicted on the testimony of gang members. Attorney fails to cross-examine accusers, fails to call any of 7 alibi witnesses.

Officials Mistreat Handicapped Man

A son tells the story of his quadraplegic father's death from neglect and lack of medical care in a United States prison.

The Gerald Lester Story

After 2 hung juries, the prosecution finally got its way, and convicted Gerald Lester of a crime with no physical evidence. Politics required that convicted criminals get major sentence reductions for fingering Lester.

The Joseph Giallanza Story

An abusive court unfairly took away a father's children. The judge herself then got in trouble for lawbreaking, but got off without significant punishment.

South Dakota Police Violence

Informant lies begin reign of terror in small South Dakota town. Police rape women with urine sucking device.

Stepparent blamed for state neglect

State doctors refused to treat the child for seizures, ultimately leading to death. They then blame the stepfather.

Man held on million dollar bond on charge of stealing trash

After months of imprisonment forces guilty plea, important evidence of innocence withheld by prosecutor is discovered.

Discrimination victim victimized by court

Man was told by the court clerk he had more time to file response to motion, then 2 days later was told he did not. Result: discriminators win dismissal of his lawsuit.


Prosecutor Misleads Court -- Again

Retired Air Force Officer Thomas Sanders was wrongfully convicted of perjury. The conviction was upheld when prosecutor misconduct of giving false information to jury was excused for being inadvertent. Then, the prosecutor repeated the lies in opposing Sanders' habeas corpus petition.

Thirty Year Sentence -- No Trial

When the charge is probation violation, you get no trial, and certainly no jury. The judge ignored evidence of innocence, and based conviction strictly on hearsay, imposing a whopping 30 year sentence.




Short Stories of Injustice

Shorter tales of injustice collected together. Unfair judges, racism, lies--all the evils that occur when judges don't care about justice, and government officials forget they are servants rather than masters.