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We intend to post stories of injustice in all the following categories:

Sentence too high
Sentence too low
Unfair judge
Prosecutor misconduct
Incompetent lawyer
Unfair law
Ruined by IRS
Outrageous divorce and child custody rulings

Want to submit your own tale of injustice?

All you have to do is e-mail it to the address below. In the subject line, use one of the categories listed above. If more than one subject fits, use the one that fits best.

You must include your real name, your real address, and your e-mail address.

Try to be very clear about what is the injustice. Include details like the name of the victim of injustice, the sentence or penalty imposed, the name of the judge, the state or county where it occurred, the year, etc.

Your chances of being printed improve if your story is under 2000 words. If your story is very long like The Floyd Caldwell Story, you should include a shorter summary of perhaps 500 words.

If you want to submit a Thought For The Day, use that as the subject heading line.

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