A gruesome new form of injustice is all the latest rage among judges and legislators. With the "principle" of finality, the courts are closed to complaints of injustice, and citizens lose the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


Two Chicago children confess to murder, according to police. Six weeks later they are freed when proved innocent. Yet, police and prosecutors feel that nothing was done wrong. Read how police tactics in case after case result in false confessions, and how simple technology that could avoid that is shunned by police departments nationwide.


Research findings infuriate America's ruling class, and get censored.


Historic court cases show reality of life for African-Americans.


Privacy disappears when public officials cry "health" or "safety," and neither your house nor your body is free from Governmental intrusion. The screams of schoolchildren and the protests of their parents cannot stop public servants from following their orders.


Too many citizens are killed by Government violence as Government employees pursue war policies to their logical conclusion. Read about some of the innocent people gunned down in the privacy of their own homes, human sacrifices to the war that never ends.


America's first war against its own citizens made America violent and crime-ridden, but did not keep people from drinking alcohol. Today's war has a similar effect.


Read about the future of slavery in America. Gone for good? Don't you believe it. People are being inducted into prison at an alarming rate, with their labor sold to the highest bidder.


A link to the well-researched and informative Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 10 part series written by investigative reporter Bill Moushey on perjury, concealment of evidence, and other improprieties routinely committed by federal agents and prosecutors all around the country who want to "Win At All Costs." The Post-Gazette also examine the practice of authorities to decline to take any corrective or punitive action even when the most blatant misconduct is exposed.


Misbehaving agents and labworkers routinely make up "facts" and dare to call it science.

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