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U.S. leads the world in child incarceration.
Indigenous peoples made scapegoat in pollution-control efforts.
Man held on million dollar bond on false charge of stealing trash from dumpster.
Blacks incarcerated at over 8 times the rate for whites.
U.S. violates treaty rights in case of Dutch citizen convicted of murder on false police testimony.
Teens sent to prison for life for witnessing killing.
US Supreme Court case shows reality of life for blacks in America.
Shooting victim gets railroaded.
Racist law enforcement dooms black man who does not match description of criminal, as blacks are kept off jury.
Cartoon examines George W. Bush's rise to power.
US Supreme Court case shows reality of life for blacks in America.
Comics section of The Injustice Line.
Community activists get courts of their own to induct hapless pedestrians into slavery.
Case of two Chicago boys who "confessed," then were proven innocent.
The Bill of Rights to the US Constitution, and some commentary.
Cotner gets life in prison for $80 worth of marijuana in seriously flawed prosecution.
Profile of Cynthia Caldwell, wife of injustice victim Floyd Caldwell.
An old enemy of Czuprynski becomes magistrate and gets even.
Abused woman convicted for crimes of her abuser.
Some lose big, others win big, in US divorce courts.
Bill Clinton and Drugs. Contains the famous Rogues Gallery.
Innocent teen convicted on word of gang members, and attorney fails to present a defense.
A new form of injustice is all the latest rage among judges and legislators.
Innocent man convicted in nonjury trial despite not matching description.
A printable flyer about the Floyd Caldwell case.
People get arrested for criticizing Clinton. Contains info on freedom of speech cases.
Officials refuse medical treatment for quadriplegic, resulting in his death.
Government protects polluters as woman's hair falls out.
FBI agents plant bombs to frame citizens.
Man deceived by court clerk into missing a filing deadline.
Mr. Giallanza unfairly loses his children.
Gerald Lester was convicted on no physical evidence, but only the word of convicted criminals bribed with shorter sentences to finger Lester.
Scientific findings regarding drug safety hushed up by media and government.
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Leonard Hutchison and James Harper can't get justice, even though evidence of innocence was never heard by their jury, and the trial judge wants to give them a new trial.
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I.R.S. agent uses government powers for his own private ends.
US citizen humiliated, forced to apologize to attackers.
Horrendous conditions in Louisiana prisons.
About James S. Lawrence, founder of The Injustice Line.
Judges at conference air new proposals to increase their power to subjugate citizens.
Whistleblower calls in feds to investigate college, so college expels him in violation of federal order.
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Some letters to The Injustice Line, and our response.
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Women victims incarcerated, while male attackers go free.
The Incredible Story of Mindy Brass, America's most dangerous criminal.
Jeffrey Modahl and others victims of witch hunt in Kern County, California.
U.S. dooms man to administrative detention for life without court hearing.
Brazilian woman punished for speaking out about sexual harassment.
US Supreme Court case shows reality of life for blacks in America.
Religion and corruption dominate Georgia trial.
Group of Nevada officials terrorize disabled state employees.
You can be punished for crimes, even if found not guilty.
A critical look at outcomes-based education and Goals 2000.
Introduction to court cases showing black history in America.
Answering a question truthfully is now considered perjury in US courts. Witnesses must now answer not the question asked, but the imaginary "intended question."
A look at Prohibition, past and present.
Foreign court brands US state as international outlaw.
A short quiz about the Floyd Caldwell case.
Some quotes on important topics.
Twelve suggested justice system reforms.
A new twist on sex offender registration harms family.
Lab tests cannot free man who possessed the spice rosemary.
Abused woman spends life in prison; boyfriend sold drugs.
Prosecutor's lies to jury excused for being inadvertent, then he repeats the lies.
A man serving a life sentence for rape, where scientific experts say he could not possibly be the rapist.
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Short accounts of injustices.
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Read how judges justified slavery, in their own words.
Slavery still exists in today's world.
Slavery still exists in America.
Special Reports on The Injustice Line.
Woman wrongly accused of shoplifting loses in nonjury trial.
Atrocities committed by government in the name of health and safety.
Submit a tale of injustice to The Injustice Line.
Racial politics allow woman to be attacked.
More tales of injustice.
State neglect kills child; stepparent blamed.
The "victim" recants his testimony, but the judge won't listen.
Stories of a few victims of government warfare and violence.
An introduction to The Injustice Line.
Michigan women serving life in prison for drugs.
Woman wins in small claims court, then loser gets even.