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Goals 2000 and Outcome Based Education

What is Goals 2000? Bottom line: It is an indoctrination technique.

When your state accepts the curriculum (Outcome Based Education-OBE), the federal government gives them money (your tax dollars) for the education.

OBE is very in depth, but we will summarize it and it's purpose before we get into some of the controversy. The purpose of OBE is to "dumb down your children". The children are taught in groups and possibly graded that way. (The schools may not keep the grading system.) With OBE the whole group moves together - so the group doesn't move on until the slowest has learned whatever outcomes they are learning.

In elementary schools, reading, writing and arithmetic (adding subtracting and multiplication tables) are not taught. Instead the children learn a "higher order of thinking". The educators take on the responsibility of the social, moral and spiritual development of the children. The teachers become "therapists" for this great social experiment. The curriculum contains things concerning values, attitudes, opinions and relationships. OBE is concerned with emotions--not skills. For a child to move from one level to the next - to include graduation - is dependent on meeting the behavior change requirements and government mandated attitudes. Teachers will not be able to get around it to teach basic skills and will be graded on how their class meets the outcomes. Teachers who do not conform will be phased out.

The goal of OBE is to teach political correctness to the children. They do not want children to be able to read or think on their own. They will be teaching the "global community". Educators will find out which parents, through various exercises, are poisoning their children with traditional values. If the children keep the same poisonous values, they will not be able to pass the outcomes.

The children will NOT be learning the true history of our nation. They will learn a twisted version that has been approved by the state.

There are already workshops to train teachers on how to deal with parents who fight Outcome Based Education. I think the state under- estimated parents. In a small town, Pana, IL, 46 children were pulled out of public school. 526 parents signed a petition to the school board demanding that "all Goals 2000 funds be returned" and that "the school district implement strict academic standards which included systematic phonics, traditional math, english, science and a factual history curriculum". This town only has 6,000 residents and 500 to 600 parents have been going to the school board meetings.

The controversy started when the Pana School board hired Debra Blumthal, a counselor from Charleston, Il as "Pana Community Unit 8 School Counselor." This lady sent a letter to parents for their permission to have some "guidance activities" that would include "conflict resolution, self-motivation, wellness, and self-esteem" programs.

The problem was that most parents had no idea the truth of what they were signing. Most had no idea the purpose of the School-to-Work Opportunities Act of 1994 was to gather personal information on teachers, administrators and students to be placed into databases to build dossiers for future "student career planning."

The type of information they went after was the childrens attitudes, beliefs, likes and dislikes, how they got along with their parents, if their parents argued, if their parents owned guns and other personal information. This information is being gathered through questionnaires throughout the nation.

In this small town did it work? The parents rising up against this? Well, the School Board rejected the parents concerns and approved the '97 Goals 2000 grant.

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