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Friend of victim on jury, talks with victim's daughter during trial

Testimony of corrupt officers, now convicts, sole basis for conviction

On July 23,1997 my son, Robert K. Moulder Jr. has a habeas corpus hearing in the Baldwin County Court, Milledgeville Georgia docket number 97-CV-33575 to determine if he has been falsely imprisoned since 1993.

I can only share the atrocities which I have witnessed being inflicted on my family and I, by a Judiciary without regard to fair and mandated treatment of the laws. A Judiciary in open contempt of the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Without media attention to monitor it, I don't believe my son will get a fair hearing. I'm afraid it will be swept under the rug, and covered up again,and he will not receive due process, and equal protection of the law.

Robert was ordered to appear in the Superior Court of Gilmer County, Ellijay, Georgia on July 19,1993 for trial, he was wearing an electronic monitoring device, ordered by Judge Bobby C. Milam at his bond hearing. He was literally in shackles, a "captive prisoner " of the court.

To begin this session of court, prior to beginning my son's trial with Judge Milam, the Judge who tried him, present and participating, Judge Elizabeth Glazebrook designated a prospective juror, Larry Stover, who is the nephew of the alleged victim in the case against Robert, to lead the court in a Christian prayer, in a courtroom with a very large framed panel of the Ten Commandments hanging on the wall facing the jury box.

We felt literally spiritually raped by this government entity, who chose to use God, and their own personal religious belief's to set up church, and perform church services in the courtroom. I believe this was to coerce and prejudice the jury, and showed blatant disregard for anyone who might have different religious views, or persons who wished to choose where, when, and how they wished to worship.

The free exercise of religion cannot occur under governmental endorsement and/ or inposition of specific religious doctrines and beliefs. To think otherwise is to make a mockery of religious liberty.

When a judge presiding over a courtroom literally robed in the honor of the judiciary, and the authority of the state, blatantly creates and excessive government entanglement with religion, he makes a mockery of the judicial system, and is in violation of the judicial code of conduct, violating canon's 1,2,3,5, and should be disbarred.

A trial court cannot sanction a jury trial that starts with the perception of the bench as a pulpit, from which the court injects an explicit intrusion of religious principles as a foundation of the trial, and punish the person on trial for allegedly offending it, to do so the trial court abuses its discretion, destroys its neutrality, and invokes tyranny into the judicial process.

A woman by the name of Sheila Holloway, who sat on the grand jury that indicted Robert, also sat on the jury that convicted him. This woman is a family friend of the victim, and had a conversation with the daughter of the alleged victim in the lobby of the courthouse, while the trial was in session. This is called jury tampering, but nothing was done about it.

All three of the Gilmer County officer's who conducted the investigation of the case against Robert were involved in criminal activity prior to, during,and following the investigation of this case, and possibly could have been the perpetrators, and all of them are convicted and serving prison sentences,and/or probation for these crimes.

I have certified copies of their sentence, conviction, and confession's to the crimes they were involved in. Robert was sentenced to twenty years on the credibility of criminal's, and corruption, and has spent four years in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

Convicted by a jury which consisted of a woman who voted on the grand jury to indict him, a woman who perjured herself in order to serve on this jury. Convicted of a crime which could have been committed by the very people who investigated the case against him.

He paid Attorney Bruce Harvey ten thousand dollars to defend him. This is thesame attorney who sued Cobb County Georgia for having the ten Commandments hanging in the lobby of their courthouse, and won the case. this attorney stood silent during the prayer, and didn't object to the trial in a courtroom with the Ten Commandments displayed on thwall facing the jury.

This attorney also had at his disposal the indictment with the names of the grand jury, and allowed Sheila Holloway to also sit on the jury that convicted Robert. He also had at his disposal the criminal records of Sheriff Larry Henson, Deputy Sheriff Alex Henson, and Gilmer County Investigator Ron Mooney, and didn't ask for a dismissal on those grounds, blatant ineffective assistance of counsel.

In the Times-Courier Ellijay Georgia dated September 5,1996 was an article titled: Ten Commandments removed from Courtroom. They moved it from the courtroom to the lobby, and are still in violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment ruled so by the supreme Court of Georgia 1992.

Robert was literally held in shackles while the Superior Court of Gilmer County Georgia subjected him to their own personal religious belief's and rituals, and he was unable to defend his constitutional right to freedom of worship for fear of retribution from the court.

All of the people I mentioned are subponeaed to appear at the habeas hearing. Please check out what I've told you, and help me get media involved to monitor what this court does. All I want is for my son to get a fair hearing by judges, and a court who abide by the law.

If you would like to discuss this with me, and see the documents I have, please feel free to contact me.

Regards,Gloria Moulder
3559 Salem Rd. #20B
Covington, Ga. 30209
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