A request to lawyers

We are looking for lawyers to contribute criticism of published judicial decisions. If you know of a particularly outrageous decision, whether new or old, we want to hear about it. We are especially interested in criminal justice rulings. We know that lawyers often complain that the courts have gutted the Fourth Amendment, allow outrageous prosecutor misconduct, and commit other legal atrocities. This is your chance to sound off.

Submit a criticism from 250 to 2500 words long. Feel free to use actual quotations from the opinion, especially if they illustrate the absurdity of the ruling. We especially want self-evident lunacies, where we do not have to refer to facts not stated in the opinion to know how wrong the court was. Let us know whether you do or do not want us to attribute the criticism to you by name.

Send e-mail to ynot@earthlink.net

We reserve the right to edit your submission.

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