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Judges plot for more power at Cal. conference

" 93% conviction rate not enough"

Date: 5/18/96 1:46 AM
From: R.L. Cheney Jr.

Dear People,

Today, I went to the Enloe Confence center in downtown Chico, California to attend a conference held by the Judges and State Assemblymen in which to radically change our present court systems. They were quite successful. Such actions taken here today, adumbrate a future dark, and replete with injustice and even more Court corruption.

First, I watched completely amazed and disappointed as they passed a resolution to virtually stop all camera coverage or any form of electronic recording ability in court. Now, with an assured shadow over the courts, Judges can even more readily 'change' the transcripts behind closed doors and thus change testimony, decisions, facts, even many more sublime records of the court. Essentially, the Judges of this State in a clear move to protect "Judicial Discretion" are turning out the lights, and locking the doors of the court room. This can only do one thing: and that is hurt the defendant, and assure the courts of unrestrained injustice.

Things being proposed for passage are:

> Having a TWO juror hung jury minimum, rather than a ONE juror hung jury system.
> Allowing massive increases to Court Budgets
> PROactively surpressing the Fully Informed Jury initiatives.
> Cutting Juries from 12 Jurors to 8 Jurors.
> Not naming the Jurors, just numbering them so that they be 'unidentified'.
> Not allowing Jury trials for low level crimes and infractions.
(Example cited: Less than 1 gram marijuana=NO JURY TRIAL.)

Right now our present 'incarceration' rate per persons charged stands at approximately 93%. When these measures get passed, then the conviction rate for Government will go up to 99%. We will join the illustrious ranks of Communist China, North Korea, South Africa and other oppressive regimes. Our rate of incarceration will to jump up to 99%, thereby assuring our 'benevolent' government that if it all but CHARGES you with a crime--it will a virtual probability that they will win.

This is a far cry from Abraham Lincoln's attestment that he would "rather let 500 innocent people go rather than unjustly incarcerate 1 innocent person."

This Judicial convention that occured here today, was one of the biggest crimes ever to be committed against the American Public. It is all being done by a high, untouchable strata caste of this society, that no longer obeys the Constitution, and now; through their self-serving designs are shredding all constitutional infrastructures in which to place their interests supreme over that of the Constitution and the rights of the People and the Individual themselves. What transpired in that polite colloquim of concentrated power, was really a last shot fired that indeed, will have PROFOUND and CANCEROUS effects upon this society.

Surprisingly, at a time when this nation is experiencing great Political duress, when this nation is bifurcating due to the applied injustices and unlawful oppressions of government itself, the Judicial system should have taken this opportunity to critically review its sad and conpiratorial performances, and should have moved towards an more enlightened and Constitutional view of providing more justice, more openness, more leniency and Liberty within the law!

Instead, like the unseeing tyrant it is, it moved 180 degrees in the wrong direction! It moved towards imbuing itself with more power, more injustices, more darkness, more money, more control, more 'Judicial Descretion" capabilities. All while turning out the light of providing easy and readily available electronic technologies that would help the defendant (especially poor defendants) do one small thing: keep an accurate account of the record being used against him or her, in trial proceedings by government.

Respectfully Submitted,
R.L. Cheney Jr.

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