Who is James S. Lawrence?

What does Mr. Lawrence say about himself?

Mr. Lawrence is a 52 year old attorney, graduate of Michigan State University and later of the University of Michigan Law School. Unlike most of his law school classmates, he avoided a job serving the interests of major corporations, and instead has a private practice representing the little guy against the powerful forces of big government. His two main passions in his practice are exposing the hypocrisy so abundant in judicial decisions, and fighting against the war on drugs.

What do people have to say about James S. Lawrence?

"Mr. Lawrence ranks among the highest caliber of practitioners who serve appointed clients in the Michigan Court of Appeals. I have been very impressed with the degree of diligence he exhibits on his cases." -- Judge Maura Corrigan, Michigan Court of Appeals (now Justice, Michigan Supreme Court).

"This office has received no complaints about his performance. On the contrary, the only feedback we have received is that he is well respected by clients, judges and other lawyers." -- Barbara Levine, Administrator, Michigan Appellate Assigned Counsel System.

"And when I really think of all the things that Mr. Lawrence says, I don't think of the profession lawyer. I think of the profession astronaut. Because he has us in deep space." -- Douglas Baker, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Wayne County, Michigan.

What are Mr. Lawrence's political affiliations?

A long-time Democrat, Mr. Lawrence has recently joined the Libertarian Party, though not without some misgivings. In his view, Libertarians generally do not care enough about the needs of poor people, or the environment, and place too much stress on elimination of taxes. Democrats generally do not care enough about the economic effects of Government regulation, or the burden of excessive taxes, or the need for personal rather than Government responsibility, and place too much stress on abstract doctrines of health and safety at the expense of liberty and common sense. Republicans generally do not care enough about personal liberty, or the need to correct the still-lingering effects of slavery and racism, and are too devoted to the economic needs of the rich at the expense of the poor.

Democrats and Republicans alike generally push statist views that permit Government to have ever-expanding power over all, select scapegoats like immigrants and drug users to blame our problems on, allow massive Government giveaways to their favored groups and individuals, and crush those who would dare to dissent. Until we have another real alternative, Mr. Lawrence will stick with Libertarianism as a way of trying to push national policy toward liberty and justice for all.

To learn more about what Mr. Lawrence thinks, read his Twelve Suggested Justice System Reforms.

How do you contact James S. Lawrence?

Send e-mail to ynot@earthlink.net

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Regular mailing address:

James S. Lawrence
Attorney at Law
828 W. Eleven Mile Road
Royal Oak, MI 48067

Phone: (248) 399-6930

What does James S. Lawrence look like?

Here is a photo that is a little old, but gives you the general idea.

Here is a photo that is a little more up to date.

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