I.R.S. Agent Abuses Woman

She complains against him for assault, so he gets even

Full power of federal government at disposal of agent for personal vendetta

I know a friend that has been the victim of an approximate 8 year vendetta by an IRS agent from the CID. It is a horror story of lies, coercion, duress, and lack of the truth being exposed.

This vendetta started because the agent was reported for an assault against the victim to local law enforcement.

It is one of the worse cases I have heard with the CID agent contacting and threatening anyone who came forward with the truth of what had actually happened. The threats/acts by the agent include such things as deportation, obstructions of justice charges, tax liens filed, audits done, threats of prosecution, threats of disallowing tax filing status, and threats of execution re: taxes owing. These acts were done against third parties who had been willing to help. Documents were stolen. Information and sensitive files were taken - no raids, but things disappearing.

What can be done to stop this? This dear woman is now scheduled to spend 6 months in federal prison and she is innocent. I have been threatened that if I offer any aid all of my taxes will be subjected to the "audit from hell." The IRS complaint agency was contacted and it lead back to the IRS itself with more pressure being placed upon the victim and those few remaining who were willing to help.

What do we do? She is financially destitute at this point and the public defender offers no help and does not believe what has happened due to the fact that each time a person who has been threatened is contacted, they deny what has occurred - the pressure from the CID agent was enough to scare them off.

My friend, the victim, is most likely going to kill herself and I and about two others who are not in positions where the IRS can levy influence have tried to help.

Advise please we are begging you for an avenue to follow.

Story submitted by one of our readers.

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