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Teen helps homeless man; Man commits attack, frames teen for it

Victim does not know who committed the attack; Angry police go along with the scam; Attorney does nothing to help

I have a son who tried to help a man from being attacked. On Christmas day, Dec.25,1993, my 17 year old son and my 14 year old daughter asked me to let a young man stay with us because he had no place to stay. Finally, after considerable time I said okay. The young man appeared to be okay.

Later that evening my son ask if it was allright to walk around. This occurred at about 7 P.M. on Christmas Day. I told them to be back at 9:30 P.M. My son,daughter and the young man arrived home at 9:35 P.M. The young man was out of breath,so I asked was he okay. He said he had a foot race with my son. Odd part was my son was not out of breath.

Well about 4 weeks later two Chesterfield county detectives knocked on my door and said they would like to talk to my son and the young man. One detective interviewed the young man in the bedroom and the other detective interviewed my son in the kitchen with me present. The detective stated that a man had gotten beat up and that my children were no way involved.

He stated one date of an occurrence and then I said my son was with me that day. He later recanted on the date and ask about Dec 25,1993. He said that a person had been chased across a street into a field behind a bank lot and was beaten very badly and that my daughter was across fron the bank, shouting for my son to come on. He also stated that my son had run across the street, into the bank lot, and was calling out to the two people in the field. The detective ask my two children did they know anything else and they replied no. The other detective returned from interviewing the young man. They then left, saying they had another person to interview.

Well, about 4 hours later the detectives returned and were all fired up about the young man that was staying with us. They stated that he had a record and that they had a warrant for his arrest, charging him with malicious wounding. The children had gone out for a walk so I ask my wife " Where did they go?", and she said "They went to a friend's house."

Well, I took the detectives to the friends house and my children stated that the young man had said he was going into town and would be back later. When the detectives and I arrived back at my house one of them was so mad he could spit nails. He looked at my son and said "I know what you are up to and I am going to fix you good." He said he would be back tomorrow wih a warrant for my son. Well, needless to say the young man never came back and my son was arrested 6 months later, tried, and convicted of malicious wounding. The man who was wounded could not remember anything, although they used him at pre-trial to say he thought my son had done it. The victim could not even describe my son right at pre-trial. At my son's trial the victim's doctor said that there was no way that victim could remember anything and that anything he thought he remembered was a thought planted by someone else.

I hired a $4000.00 lawyer who did absolutely nothing. I had proof of my son's innocence and my son's lawyer did not follow up on it!! He said we have an eyewitness (my daughter) and we need nothing else.

The only witnesses that the Chesterfield Va. D.A. used were the young man who beat the victim up and another woman currently in jail. The young man was found in another county convicted of some check cashing scheme. They dismissed his charges at a separate trial, promptly arrested my son, and used the young man to say that he started the fight with the victim but my son ran up and finished it. The victim had another person with him who also stated that my son told him he had to stop the fight. The woman in jail stated that she overheard my son on some unknown date say that we screwed him up (victim). She could not remember when he said it nor if anyone else heard him say it.

It is my belief that the D.A. had no evidence so he created witnesses. My son has ADHD and anxiety attacks so he seems to make an easy target. The judge sentenced my son to 20 years with 15 suspended. My son was tried as an adult. No jury trial just a judge. My lawyer was to use me as a witness. I was sent out of the court to wait and was never called in by my son's lawyer. I missed all of the trial except for the verdict.

My son was found guilty and given an appeal bond. The appeal took 1 1/2 years and was denied. My son was arrested just before the appeal was denied. He is charged with grand larceny. They caught a friend of my son's selling a stolen boa constictor snake. This boy also had another stolen snake at his home. They (D.A.) are going to use this friend to testify that my son stole the snakes!! NO EVIDENCE!! This will allow them to use the 15 years that the judge suspended and make my son serve 20 years for malicious wounding and probably more for the current charges of Grand larceny.

In both cases there is no evidence with exception of the testimony of the ones who were actually caught in the act. My son is only guilty of hanging around with the wrong crowd.

There is more but would take to long to state it all. This is my first attempt on the internet at sending something out.

Douglas L Huband Jr.

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