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Thoughts For The Day

"The most odious of all oppressions are those which mask as justice."

--U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson, Krulewitch v United States.

"Man was born free but everywhere he is in chains."

--Jean Jacques Rousseau, Du Contrat Social.

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Headline Stories

The Floyd Caldwell Story

You have to see it to believe it. The accused did not match the description. He lacked the scar on his forehead that both victims saw on the robber. There was a lineup, and in the lineup, the victims picked a different man. Yet, Floyd Caldwell was convicted anyway, and sentenced to life in prison by a "judge" who had no interest in justice, and whose friends had a personal stake in the outcome of the trial. Interested in reading more? Click here for an exciting true tale of a monstrous injustice.

The Chester Schimberg Story

The true story of a man serving a life sentence for a crime scientific experts say he could not have committed. A woman was raped by a single attacker, whom she could not identify. The jury heard the chemist say that "he could not be eliminated" as the perpetrator. After trial, the chemist was informed there was only one rapist, and said "if there was only one rapist, it could not be Schimberg." Click here to read more.

The news media won't tell you--


Official government statistics show that black people are over 8 times as likely as white people to end up in prison. Hard to believe? Check the figures for yourself.

The Maurice Carter Story

The store clerk told police Carter was not the criminal, and said another man in the photos looked like the man. The victim said he could not identify anyone, but years later testified it was Carter. The victim's wife gave a description of the man, that he was 5'8" tall, and dark skinned, and left-handed. Carter is 6'1" tall, light skinned, and right-handed, but she too identified Carter at trial. All blacks were kept off the jury in an illegal conspiracy. This is from the same county that framed Floyd Caldwell. Click here to read more.

You can be held accountable for murder WITHOUT A JURY TRIAL

Federal law permits you to be sentenced for murder, without any jury saying you are guilty of murder. Don't believe it? Click here for more information.

The Leonard Hutchison and James Harper Story

The FBI knew of a confession by the real criminal, as well as his actions in trying to get a chop shop to cut up his car with the bullet hole placed there by the victim. The defense never got the information. Police experts told the jury that Hutchison's tools broke into the car, and the screws were of the same size and pitch even though the FBI report, withheld from the defense, says the tools and screws from the defendants are inconsistent with the stolen car. The Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals refused to let the trial court judge order a new trial. Click here to read more about how 3 appeals court judges allowed judge-created legal technicality to triumph over truth and justice.

U.S. Leads World In Child Incarceration

Amnesty International reports that the U.S. has more children locked up than any other country on earth, with over 11,000 actually housed with adult criminals. While politicians scare the public with tales of violent juveniles, the fact is that more than half of kids prosecuted as adults are there for nonviolent crimes. Click here to read more about it.

Children Traumatized By Police Shooting Of Unarmed Mother

At 7:30 a.m., Pat Eymer heard noises outside the house, so she picked up her 5 year old daughter to comfort her. Then, armed thugs broke in the house and shot off Pat's shoulder, as her 13 year old fainted and 5 year old Casey became hysterical. The identity of the armed thugs: Sallisaw, Oklahoma police officers. The unarmed woman, now truly "unarmed," faces a lifetime of misery, while her children suffer severe psychological trauma. Click here to read about the new face of child abuse in America, the land where anyone can be shot in his or her own home, as long as police hope to find drugs.
Casey Eymer

The Incredible Story of Sally Smith

Viciously abused and under the complete control of her adult boyfriend since age 12, Sally Smith is serving life in prison for a drug offense, yet in some ways is actually happy about her arrest and conviction that freed her from a far worse form of imprisonment.


Read about Sally's prison friend Mindy Brass. Imprisoned for life for drugs in a state she had never been to before, Mindy overcame all the odds to win freedom and get the heart transplant that saved her life.


The province of Quebec, Canada, has branded one of our 50 states as an international outlaw for its outrageous laws. To learn which state, and what provocation made Quebec feel it had to take this kind of action, click here.

Today's Puzzler

(George Washington on left, Bill Clinton on right.)

The man on the left grew marijuana. The man on the right smoked marijuana. Neither one was ever arrested for his marijuana "crimes." Guess how many people were not as lucky, and were actually arrested last year for marijuana? Click here for the answer.


In a disgusting display, an American citizen was forced to beg for mercy from his attackers, and forced to declare that his beliefs were wrong. After being attacked, to avoid a 20 year prison sentence, he had to publicly declare his belief in a politico-religious doctrine that many people feel is demonstrably false, and that he did not believe until forced into it. This was televised nationally and around the world. Click here to learn which tyrannical government would dare to threaten people to force them to say they believe in that which they do not believe, and turn it into a public spectacle of warning to those who would dare to dissent.

Innocent of Murder, Man Gets Life for Escape

Michael Pardue was convicted of murder in Alabama, and sent to prison for life. While there, he escaped, but was recaptured two days later without incident. Later, the court system recognized he was innocent of the murder and reversed his conviction. However, Pardue remains in prison for life, as his sentence for the crime of escape.


Mohd Mahmoud must be deported from the U.S., and he is willing to go. The nations of Venezuela and Togo are willing to take him. But Lebanon, the country of his birth, will not take him, because of racially based discriminatory laws declaring him a non-citizen. Thanks to bizarre rulings of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, Mohd has sat for 3 years in administrative detention (prison), with no end in sight. And thanks to new immigration laws, he does not even get a hearing on his sentence. Click here to read more about how cruel and bizarre U.S. policies mean life in prison for unwary people who have no legal nationality.


Connie Schleicher reports from her prison barracks about the inhuman conditions in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. For example, barracks have no water or toilets. After waiting for hours, women get 2 minutes to use toilet, including brushing teeth, and getting drinking water. Prison is filled with stench of propane and sewage. Holes in roof and walls admit elements year-round. Constant harassment by jailers is the norm. Click here to read more about Louisiana's program of legalized torture.

You can be convicted of perjury FOR TELLING THE TRUTH

Despite United States Supreme Court rulings to the contrary, a federal court has permitted a conviction and prison sentence for perjury even though the witness truthfully answered the question asked. Now, a witness must answer, not the actual question asked, but the imaginary "intended question." If he answers the question actually asked, he goes to prison. Click here to read how judges have turned truth and justice on their heads, once again, and placed the freedom of every court witness in jeopardy.

Family Suffers From A New Twist On Sex Offender Registration

In one Florida community the police have arranged for the names and photos of people with convictions for sex offenses to appear in the local newspaper once a month. An innocent 13 year old suffers, and his dad is likely to lose his job that supported their family. Click here to read more about these new registration laws from a different perspective.

False Police Testimony Highlights Treaty Violation Case

Dutch citizen Harry Bout was arrested for murder, and the United States violated the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, a treaty that mandates particular treatment for foreign nationals arrested in the United States. A short film on the website shows the false police testimony that led to his conviction. Click here to read about the false conviction of Harry Bout and the routine violation of international law by the United States.

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