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The Joseph Giallanza Story

Father mistreated by abusive courts

Children taken away for nothing, given to negligent mother

Judge avoids punishment for her own lawbreaking

I am a 46 year old male living in Collier County, Naples, Florida. I am making every effort to expose a horrible truth that lies amongst our nations Courts. That being, "evidence" of abusive Judicial authority and the damages that occur as a result.

On July 10, 1995 at 10:a.m EST, I and my children were home getting ready to go to a local library. I had become disabled in May of that year due to an accident and the spouse was at her job. I discovered that the small amount of money I kept at home was gone and while searching, found documents in the spouses handwriting with details of a "rehearsed" daily laundry list of complaints about me. To whom she had written them for was not clear for some time.

At about 10:30 a.m., the spouse called as was here three time per day routine. As I mentioned that I could not find any money and discovered some documents, she began screaming incoherently not to leave the house. I reported the incident to the local sheriff's office for assistance in preventing any confrontation. At about 5:30 p.m. a Deputy arrived. However, he'd handed me a restraining order to remove the children from my care. That was the last I had seen or heard of them for 9 months.

On July 18, 1995, I'd appeared before Judge Jay B.Rosman on a summons for order of protection against domestic violence. The initial order to remove the children only stated that "I was recently becoming verbally abusive" and that she was in fear for her and the children. Nowhere in the documents did she state why, or how she came to this matter before the Courts. In my statements to said Judge, I had told him of incidents of the spouses abuses to both me and my children. In particular, an incident wherein the mother of our children was negligent and caused "both" of them to fall into the canal in front of our home where I had warned her about a huge alligator there just days before. The children were 3 and 5 years of age.

Judge Rosman asked her to explain the "canal incident". She refused by stating that "she was seeing a counselor"!!!!!!! I told the judge there were no laws preventing a father from protecting his children but this Judge did not agree. He awarded her full temporary custody with no visitation by father until a psychological done. As such, I completed a psychological, and was refused any contact with my children in any form until April 8, 1996.

I filed for divorce and it was granted on March 19, 1996. However, the Court ordered the primary custody of the children to remain with the mother. After three orders to allow visitation to begin, the opposition attempted to have it cut off in a number of various ways. On april 22, 1996, I asked for a hearing to consolidate the Divorce order and that of the so-called Domestic Violence issue. I was threatened by phone on two occasions several days before the hearing, and as such, I withdrew my motions for fear I may not see the children again.

Several weeks later I was served with a summons to appear in Domestic Violence Court on a "Motion to Cause for Contempt" before Judge Brenda C.Wilson. The affidavit was another laundry list of "things" the spouse deemed inappropriate with respect to our children. At the hearing, the spouse claimed to have on her, "an order from the other court" dated April 22, 1996". I stated to the court that no such order was given. Oddly, the judge did not ask to see the document! I was not held in contempt but advised that I'd have to go to the program "if I wanted to see my children again! This judge happens to be a County Court Judge and the matters of visitation were outside her jurisdiction.

On July 11, 1996, I'd undergone cervical spine implant surgery.

Again on July 23, 1996 I was summoned before the County Court Judge to hear the spouse request an extension of the Order of Protection. Judge Wilson asked at that time "Why we were before her ?" She'd also stated that issues of visitation were before a different Court, but she'd already overstepped her boundaries.

September 3, 1996: I was ordered to appear again before Judge Wilson on the very same issues of visitation problems. Within minutes of the hearing, I was ordered to be held for contempt of court, and a hearing for sentencing would commence on the 6th of September. My implant was just six weeks old, I was in mid rehabilitation therapy and denied my cervical collar and any medications. Judge Wilson has to this date refused an explanation as to "What" violation of the restraining order occurred! I was held for 31 days without being charged of a crime or alleged to have been in violation of one.

Since then, Judge Brenda C. Wilson has been involved in a theft and perjury case. She apparently met some individuals at a Denny's restaurant in Fort Myers, Florida, and left with them after they'd stolen a security camera from the diner. After being questioned about the incident, Judge Wilson clained no knowledge of it. However, this later turned out to be perjury. She was recently suspended from the bench for ten days and ordered to some programs by the Judicial Qualifications commission.

Judge Wilson's problems are not over yet. I have just acquired the so-called "Order" that my former spouse claimed to have on her person on May 14, 1996, and that Judge Wilson had in hand on September 6, 1996 when she sentenced me. I have filed suit against said judges, but, as I am not an attorney, the U.S. Middle District Court has thus far refused to hear the case and refuses to appoint me and my children counsel.

This case is about fraud, deceit, perjury, abuse of disabled adult and minor children and falsification of Government documents with the consent of the Courts !!!!! Think about this case and look at the people who are charged with protecting our rights and especially those of our children. Susan Smith, the mother who drowned her children, has far more rights than any of us who would put ourselves in harms way for the sake of our little ones !

To all who believe justice is blind, let me state this: Justice is blinded by it own corruption and self centered ego ! That which covers the eyes of truth are "pomposity" and "arrogance". However; "The pen is mightier than the sword" and the net is swifter than the U.S.Mail !

Joseph A.Giallanza - Up close and personal.

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