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No Remedy for Pollution Victim

Hair falls out, rash appears, on young woman

Attorneys, government officials no help

Arrogant judge orders township residents to buy polluted water

I have had an environmental lawsuit since 1989. I live in Meadville, Pennsylvania, Crawford County. There were 12 charges against the polluter. The polluter gave a deposition of which I was not informed or given a copy of. The deposition is full of lies. I was never deposed and there is no record of testimony from me. It is as if this case does not exist.

The attorney hired another attorney to help him. This attorney told me I had no rights. Neither attorney would tell me anything. The attorney I hired said he made a deal with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. He said we gave a little to get a lot. I asked him what we gave and what we got, but he would not answer. He also said the insurance company was not going to pay.

The PADEP (PENN DEPT. OF ENVIR. PROTECTION) came to my home in April of 1988. to test my water. Four months later they stood at the polluters dump site and watched them dump more toxic waste. This was in the polluters deposition. My attorney brought this out in a round about way, I guess thinking that I would not understand.

What angers me is I have a red itchy burning rash allover my body. We moved into our home in 1973 and less than two years I started getting this rash and my hair was falling out. This was very devastating as I am a woman and I was only in my twenties. I also had DNA bloodwork to find out I have chromosome damage. I fired my lawyer and cannot get a new one. I understand that this case should have been settled in 3.5 yrs. They are not going to make the polluter pay for one of the 12 charges.

I want to tell you how good this judge is. They are forcing the people in another township to buy the highly polluted Meadville water. The judge Gordon Miller thinks he is omnipotent. He told the people he would make the decision if they had to buy the water, he didn't care if it was polluted.

I know that the Penna. former attorney General, Gov. Tom Ridge, the judge , my former attorney, and the PADEP, found a way to let the polluter off. To sum this up, where is the justice? I guess I am at the stage of crying as I don't know what to do. I live in fear of my home. I have to take bird baths as nothing has been done to help me. I know the PADER made a deal with the polluter.

It is sad when my water ate the brass off of my last water pump. We have put in about 14 new hot water tanks and three water pumps (also repaired water pumps) since 1973. We have been kept poor because of this nightmare. There is no relief in sight. This seems as if the polluter put a gun to our heads and was legally allowed to murder us without any consequences. I call this out and out legalized murder by the judge, lawyer, polluter, Padep, Gov. Tom Ridge. I don't know what to do.

GOD Bless You
Carol Fry

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