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Horror Stories of Divorce

First wife makes out like millionaire, husband and second wife reduced to poverty.

This is about my husband's divorce from his previous wife. For four long years, this divorce drug on. My husband, Michael, was married to this woman for 25 years, they had NO children, and she only had sex with him 6 times in 25 years. He had three affairs during the marriage - one which was with me.

Michael was worth 3.5 million when this divorce began, and one year ago he filed bankruptcy. He has paid her in excess of $100,000 in alimony during the period up until the divorce was granted, as well as gave her all of the equity in the marital home so that she might have a place to live, he gave her a vehicle - also paid for - and she kept all of the furnishings in the marital home which totalled in excess of $60,000. Her home, her vehicle, her furnishings...all are paid in full. He was ordered to pay her alimony FOR LIFE of $1,000 a month, which after he went bankrupt, is one-half of his take home pay.

She has two doctors that say she is sick and cannot work, yet she has moved another man into her home, who is working, might I add, and her lawyer and the judge are both well aware of it - but we didn't *prove* it the last time we went to court. So we are stuck - with no assets, and one half of our monthly income goes to [Michael's ex-wife] each month. We have two young babies, a mortgage and car payment. She has nothing - except she did receive over half a million of Michaels assets that were left in bankruptcy court. So she came out of it with half a million PLUS the alimony for life, and she's got a new man to boot. He has been living with her for over a year now.

So that's the story. This occured in Madison County, Tennessee, with Judge Morris (who happens to [have a very close relationship] with HER lawyer, Jimmy Butler).

[Michelle believes that people involved with the case have gotten a financial kickback as part of the legalized robbery of her husband.] Can't prove it yet, but I am working on it. I am also writing a book about this case along with others that will be finished sometime this year.

Michele J. Johnson

Divorce Court Judge Favors Fellow Attorney

Woman not allowed to complain

I was married to a lawyer. He is a personal injury lawyer that made a lot of money. He also has a huge drug problem. We have one daughter. For 5 years I have been in a custody fight with him to protect my daughter from his severe drug problems. He by the way does not think he has a drug problem.

I have been unsuccessful. He knows all the other lawyers ,judges, etc. He has not paid one dime in lawyers fees (professional courtesy) where as I have spent close to 20,000.00.

This man has overdosed twice and ended up in the E.R., He has been in Re-hab twice, been arrested DUI, lost his job in a very prestigous law firm, and has had the police watching him for some time. He continues to share 50/50 custody with me and tries to hold me in contempt any chance he can.

In court I am not allowed to say what I feel, or what I think. The judge has threatened me with jail if I fail to have her to him again. I feel this is the greatest injustice I know. Who do these Damn judges think they are. The lawyers with this "good ole boy" redneck attitude makes me sick.

I am instructed not to raise my voice to the judge or show any kind of anger at all over the judges decision. What happened to freedom of speech? Does that admendment not apply in this case? I am at my wits end. I guess they will wait until something tragic happens and then tell me I didnt have enough evidence.

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Woman leaves husband, takes everything

Court orders him to support her in future as well

Hi, since I lived in Quebec, Canada maybe you will disregard my note but in case you don't here my story.

I was married for 8 years and we never had any children. Last year, after I have bought a house (she was asking me to buy one for past 7 years), signed for her son so he can have his first car, she came up to me and said: I have a boyfriend and I am leaving you!

Dry like that. I went crazy, start to cry, did not know what would happen to me. Went to see a psy in order to get back on my feet. After 3 months of consultation I was getting ok but found myself with all the debts. Lost my house and all my belonging because when she left she took everything with her.

December of last year I received a letter from the welfare saying I had to pay her a pension (because in the mean time her boyfriend had left her) and in matter of weeks I have found myself at court, judged guilty and now I have to pay her around $1,000.00 per month for pension!

The judge told me to go bankrupt! I did and now I have lost my name, my appartment, my car and I have left on my paycheck approx. $200.00 to pay for my grocery, cigarettes etc.

Lucky for my I have a friend who accepted to live with me otherwise I would not have the money to pay for an apartment.

At my opinion, since she's the one who screwed it all up I should not have to pay so she can continue having fun.

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Child Support Nightmare

State first in line, ex-husband second, kids third

I am a female residing in Mississippi age 40. I have three children ages 8,11 & 13. If you are raising children of your own, you know that it is a struggle to provide all their needs as they arise, especially when they all have similar needs concurrently.

In March of 1989 the state opened a child support case for my ex-spouse as he was not paying any support. At that time, I had been laid off from the hospital where I had worked for some years due to the governments wonderful introduction of DRG's which forced our hospital and many other small hospitals to close. I was divorced and out of work so I went to the DHS office and applied for AFDC. My monthly payments for two children were $120.00 per mo. I was on this assistance for approximately a year and a half.

Even after I no longer received AFDC, I continued my child support case with them because they were getting money where I could not. When the DHS started getting payments from my ex-spouse, the DHS would take half or sometimes more to go back to the State to re-coop it's AFDC payments. They have through the years obtained tax off-sets from him as well as portions of the child support sent for my kids. I asked them why they didn't just take the amount over the $200.00 that was sent and let any amount over that go to the recapture of AFDC funds because most months, they would receive $16-upwards of $100 over the amount due for the month. They wanted their money first to hell with my kids.

I owe no AFDC money to the state now and so this year I was due $571 of his income tax money to go towards his arrearages. The state has had the money since the early part of February of this year. When I asked them in May when I would receive it they told me that it would be sent to me in October. I told them that I would like my kid's money now to buy school clothes in July for school in August. They told me at the county office that I could not get it early. I called the child support supervisor at our state's capital and they said I could if I got a written letter from my ex-spouse and his current wife stating that they would not be filing an injured spouse claim against this money. They did. The letter was received in Jackson June 23, this year.

School was approaching so I called the state office and asked them when I could be expecting payment. The secretary to the supervisor claimed that a computer error had sent my kid's money to the ex-husband on July 8th. She stated that there were a couple of other cases that this had happened to. I felt like someone botched this up because I had gone over people's heads to get the money sooner than they had planned. The state uses this money earning interest while they have it so I felt they got angry about having to give up a few months interest on that money.

I asked them what they were going to do about correcting the error and the supervisor's secretary smugly said that there was nothing that could be done about it. I asked about them sending out another check and for them to get it from him next income tax year. They said they would not do this and that nothing would be done. I was angry because it was money that was planned to be used to buy school clothes and supplies for the new year. I asked them about whether an attorney could help me and she made the remark that I couldn't sue the state because it was protected by the Federal Government!

I went to the DHS department again and asked them to see what could be done. They said nothing, that it was a computer error. I told them that the computer didn't just put in some random information and that someone entered the wrong data into it to begin with. Did they not have to be responsible for their actions? No was her answer.

I asked how much my ex was now behind in payments to see if they would attach this year's taxes.The computer files showed that his arrearages would not total more than $500 so they couldn't. Non-AFDC cases have to be more than $500.00 and AFDC cases(this is when the state is owed money) only $200. To my suprise they had not only sent him the money but had given him credit on his arrearages as if the money went to my kid's!!! I immediately began to wonder how many other mistakes had been made to his advantage. This is a man who will not give support unless he is garnished. So I was upset that he had been treated so much better than a child who is innocent of any wrong doing. The child in this case suffered while the dead-beat dad got off smiling. I tried to get the money from the dad but he just laughed and said that he didn't care if they had to go naked and that it was his good fortune! I went home with my tail between my legs and felt that the government was not for collecting child support for the children at all and that it was just there to serve the purpose of the State to re-coop AFDC money. The government is a JOKE!!!

A few days later, I decided that I had took enough of their bunk and went back to DHS to look at my case records to see if other errors had been made like this one. They told me that I could not see this file. I asked, not even if I sit here at your desk in front of you while I look at it? She said no way! It was private and confidential information and I said yes it is, and it's about me, let me see it! What are you trying to hide? Of course, she said nothing and called her supervisor and she also said no!! I told her that I wanted to see how much AFDC had been given to me, how much child support I had received and tax offsets credited to this case and just how much in payments had been sent to me. I wanted to see if things gee-hawed since they proved themselves to be so reliable with this recent transaction error. She was irate and agitated and it made me all the more want to see what was in that file.

I called my governor's office and told him this story. He sent me a privacy release statement to sign and I returned it the next day. The governor's staff assured me that he would obtain the information that I desired. I don't know what will become of all this but I'm sure that they have messed with the wrong person as I'm not one of their typical, non-educated, ignorant pawns to play around with.

I say this because they seem to think that all persons that are with their program are illiterate, ignorant trash and will take anything they want to hand them. I'm an educated health care professional who took part in the AFDC program at a time when I was economiallly disadvantaged and had children to take care of and chose this route because it is a program there to be used for these such instances. I've paid my taxes and worked for 24 years, and had never been on any type of assistance ever! You would not believe how you are treated by these agencies and I will say that I would never choose to be on these types of programs unless my children and myself were in dire need because I was humiliated and treated like dirt and I pray that I will never been at their need in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this letter and you may add this to your collection of injustices if you so wish. I would like America to know just how much the government looks out for the welfare of our future generation of tax payers. Thanks again.

Joyce A. Paden

Fraud freezes bank account

Man seizes money, woman kept from kids in legal tangle

In the fair state of NJ, an unmarried couple of sixteen years produced two fine sons. There is no common law in the state of NJ. On July 21, 1996, the father, Mark M., surrepticiously converted the balance of a joint bank account that held the proceeds of a permanent injury settlement awarded to the disabled mother, Madeline D., into his own name. Discovered at the bank at the conclusion of this transaction by Madeline, Mark proceeded to take fraudulent "legal" steps to protect himself from legal action by Madeline. They were as follows:

On August 8, 1996, Mark began to refuse Madeline access to their shared rental home in Morristown, NJ and access to their two sons.

On August 19, 1996, Mark changed the locks on their shared rental home and informed Madeline she was no longer a "member of this family".

On August 26, 1996, Madeline retained an attorney to address these problems and informed Mark of same.

On August 29, 1996, Mark made an ex parte application via an OTSC claiming to be the husband(stating a date of marriage, no less) of Madeline and alleging that she was a drug crazed maniac. As further proof of his allegations, he used the bank records of Madeline's (which contained the withdrawal made to retain the attorney) alleging that the withdrawal made to retain the attorney was a withdrawal made to buy drugs.

On September 3, 1996 the court issued an ex parte order freezing all of Madeline's assets and awarding temporary custody of the two boys to Mark.(Madeline had always been caretaker to the children and dependant upon Mark for support) The order specified that personal service be made within 2 days of the issuance of the order, service was never made.

On September 8, 1996, Madeline discovered that her assets were frozen and contacted her attorney. Her attorney contacted the bank in question and ascertained that some sort of freeze had been enacted. On September 9, 1996, Madeline filed an OTSC on notice to Mark and his attorney, they did not show(the attorney having been notified at this juncture that Mark was not Madeline's husband and that although Mark certified he had no knowledge of Madeline's whereabouts, he had in fact been stalking her during the month of August, 1996 as evidenced by Police Reports) The court refused to decide, reserving on all issues until Mark decided to respond.

Mark changed counsel, who immediately requested numerous delays so that the matter was not heard until Nov.1, 1996. The court would not allow visitation with the children solely upon the basis of Mark's fraudulent OTSC. On Nov. 1, 1996 discovery was ordered and a probation department best interest evaluation was ordered. This was not returned to the court until January 21, 1997. At that point the court ordered visitation to commence. On January 30, 1997 Madeline informed the court that no complaint had isssued forth nor was any summons or service issued. The court directed the attorneys to settle the case. A settlement was arrived at March 24, 1997 leaving temporary custody with Mark and visitation for Madeline. Mark was ordered to return the money he had converted from the personal injury award and the court gave Madeline's attorney 20K for "defending" Madeline.

To this date there has been no hearing or advancement in the case. When Madeline (who is now pro se because she is broke) attempts to enforce a provision of the consent, the court vacates that provision. When Madeline tries to address the issue of NO VERIFIED COMPLAINT or FRAUD, the court sanctions her. Madeline has been investigated by the probation department twice, with good reports and recommendations(they recommended Mark be evaluated psychiatrically and for substance abuse) and once by a best interest evaluator. Presently Mark is demanding that anyone Madeline knows be investigated, including her boyfriend and his minor son. The court has ordered it so.

Madeline is considering filing a Federal Lawsuit against the state, the judges, the attorneys and Mark, but is busy trying like hell to stop Mark from interfereing with the present visitation. The court continues to favor Mark's lack of a complaint and fraudulent allegations and protects him from the legal consequences of custodial interference as well as ordering the Secret Service and Treasury Department to allow Mark to keep Social Security checks he stole from Madeline and forged her signature on.

There is no complaint, therefore no service of summons, therefore no due process and Madeline has had her assets taken from her, her parental rights and priviledges abrogated, and there is no end in sight!

This is my story in the "Take Your Chances Division of the Family Apart"
The End
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