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Trial of Robert Cotner filled with irregularities

Police criminals get slap on the wrist for far more serious crimes

On March 18, 1991, Robert E. Cotner sold his mobile home to a police informant. He moved to his Mother's home 15 miles away. On July 20, 1991, Creek County, Okla. Deputy Sheriff Fugate called him at his Mother's home in Bixby, Okla. and asked him to return to the mobile home. He went and was arrested, but wasn't charged for 17 days later. About 8 months later he went to trial.

The DA that prosecuted him was under indictment by a federal grand jury for perjury for illegally selling automatic weapons with silencers from his office, the Judge's niece sat on the jury, a neighbor of the Judge sat on the jury, the defense attorney's brother worked for the DA's office. The Judge had worked in the DA's office for 26 years.

Fugate was found by District Court Judge Thompson to have committed perjury against Mr. Cotner, but this evidence was with held from the jury. The Sheriff had to resign his position because he had made illegal traffic stops and conducted illegal strip searches of women, to whom Creek County had to make restitution.

The jury, DA, Judge, Deputy Sheriff all had lunch and dinner at the local diner, and were overheard to say that they were to find Mr. Cotner guilty. Mr. Cotner was found guilty & sentenced to 4 LIFE sentences, running back to back. #1 LIFE for <$80.00 marijuana, (which in trial was stated to be unsmokable or unfit for human comsumption), #2 LIFE for <$40.00 worth of Meth., #3 LIFE for NO TAX STAMP for the marijuana, #4 LIFE for a non-working wall replica of a gun, which the police infor-mant confessed was hers.

Of the two cars that were on the warrant at the place in question, where Robert Cotner no longer lived, one belonged to the police informant & the other to a women who was married to a drug dealer from Tulsa, Okla.

One deputy that testified against Robert at trial got in trouble himself, but had much better results. 1 1/2 years after Robert went to prison, he pleaded guilty to tampering with the evidence, embezzling evidence, and stealing evidence from the police property room, from Cotner's case and 31 other cases. He received 15 years, suspended 12 years and only served 60 days in the State Prison before he was paroled.

The police informant confessed to the fact that all of the drugs were hers and her friends, but all charges were dropped against her, and the police admitted withholding evidence they had that proved Cotner's innocence.

Robert filed suit against the Creek County police dept. 7 months before he went to trial, about the police stealing his belongings. There were 7 items on the original search warrant and the police took over 277 items! None of the items were introduced as evidence against Cotner and it was stated on April 7th, 1992, in trial transcript, that he was not being prosecuted because he was guilty, but because he had a suit filed against the police department to try to get his property back from the police, because they had stolen it from him. Two weeks after Robert went to prison, the sheriff's dept. conducted another search & took many more items. None to this day have ever been returned to him, even though the police were ordered to by the courts, because they had been stolen from the police property room.

We have sworn affidavits, court documents newspaper articles, and his trial transcript to prove his innocence and the State's admission that he is not guilty. All drugs and the gun were found 15 miles away from where Cotner was living, and they were all removed 4 hours before he was ever called to come over and talk with them. Is there anyone that can help us? Cotner has his case in the Federal Court on appeal which it is uncontested.


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