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Hear ye, Hear ye, a great puppet show is upon thee. The Reluctant Dragon performed by our puppeteer, is a take-off of the classic tale of a dragon feared by a nearby kingdom. In this version, the audience will play the part of the villagers as a paranoid King, a noble yet friendly Dragon, a hot-headed Knight and a lovely Princess tell you this story of tolerance, friendship, and to never judge a dragon by the color of his scales.


Yippee gets a clue

In this puppet show, The Yippee Show’s resident rock star, Maynard Flames’s guitar goes missing! Everyone in the theater is a suspect. It’s all up to Yippee Hound Dog Detective to find the who, the what, and the why. The audience helps out as well. Can Yippee solve the case and return the stolen guitar? You will just have to watch the show and find out.



In this puppet show, we have created a fractured fairy tale that’s a real “dilly”. Adding a unique twist to the Brothers’ Grim classic story of Rumpelstiltskin, you will be thoroughly entertained as the Miller’s daughter attempts to get out of real “pickle”.

Monster-Sized Dreams
Photo by Kendall Whitehouse

Monster-Sized Dreams
See what happens in our newest short show, when a young boy teaches a big scary monster that you don't have to be scary, you can be whatever you want to be. Photo credit to Kendall Whitehouse:

Little Red Riding Hood
Photo by Kendall Whitehouse

In our other short show, we perform adaption of the classic German story of Little Red Riding Hood. In this story we meet Little Red, her karate knowing Grandmother, a stage hand and of course, the big, bad Wolf! Plus a special cameo apperance by the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz! Then see what happens when the Big Bad Wolf tries his luck against the Three Little Pigs in our new combined show entitled: Wolf tales!
 Photo credit to Kendall Whitehouse:

Opie and Rooster


In this brand new puppet show, find out what happens when our young friend Opie teases some chickens on his Granpappy’s farm only to end up being bullied by the Rooster. Can Opie and Rooster solve their differences and overcome the issue of bullying? You will have to watch and find out, because to parody a popular chicken company, “It takes a tough kid to deal with a bully chicken!”

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