Work in progress
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I am quite proud of my accomplishments. Each and every day I produce another sculpture worthy of much human attention and I am getting quite good at it. Practice makes perfect.
You see, I have developed my own particular style. Because of the fact that I have to walk around my own yard, and work space is limited, I display my art on the fence for all to see.
Instead of using the ground, I just back on the fence...and ...ta da....
Hershey Kisses at eye level...
And I do it in one simple motion.
This method also saves me the hassle of having to squat down.
My products are usually displayed on my gallery wall for just enough time for all to see.
Then they are removed and stored someplace by Bob so they won't become damaged and, so he can enjoy them at a later time. He must have quite a few saved up by now.

Me in my studio