B.S., Chemical Engineering, Purdue University, 1953
Refinery Processes Certificate, Association for Continuing Education, 1974

64 Years. Project management and techno-economic planning studies on fossil fuel and synfuel projects, stack gas clean-up, aerospace projects, and grassroots refineries; engineering on chemical process plants, fuels, rockets, and explosives; research, development, and engineering on phosphate processes including two patents on phosphoric acid manufacture.


Present: Mr. Rubin retired from Bechtel Corporation in December 1993, after twenty years' service as a principal engineer. He is currently a consultant in his areas of expertise, and recently completed a study for characterization of the fuel recovered from end-of-life vehicles. He previously served as an expert witness in a case involving water rights for an oil shale project. As an active advocate for energy independence, Mr. Rubin maintains a public service website dedicated to the development and use of alternative and synthetic fuels. (

1973 - 1993: Mr. Rubin's last responsibility was as a project manager in the Process Programs Department of Bechtel's Research and Development organization. He managed a project to demonstrate Bechtel's CZD flue gas desulfurization technology under DOE's Clean Coal Technology III Program. His previous major assignments included:

Other important projects that Mr. Rubin has successfully completed include:

Mr. Rubin has also managed synthetic fuel studies for Kaiser Aluminum, Boston Edison, Texaco, and Transco Energy Company.

As a study manager with Bechtel's Refinery and Chemical Division, his significant assignments included evaluating and comparing two California refineries; preparing a tar sands orientation and status report, and various tar sands economic, process, feasibility, and technology studies; and developing coal and oil shale technology status and utilization reports, an energy transport study, and a coal gasification site survey. He worked on a grassroots refinery study involving computer simulation and optimization for facilities selection and sizing; on a shale project involving computerized scheduling and work and cost control; and on a fertilizer planning study. Mr. Rubin played a key role in the development of a practical, computerized cash flow analysis program. He also developed a computerized project budget control system. In addition, he planned and organized many other technical and economic feasibility studies.

Mr. Rubin participated in several planning studies for the People's Republic of China, including the production of fatty alcohols and a plan for a western Shenzhen Province industrial development site that involved a 5 million tonne/year refinery, a petrochemical complex, secondary industries, and supporting infrastructure. He also assisted in formulating an approach to the development of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which included oil field development, a lube oil plant, an oil pipeline, a petrochemical plant, nonferrous metals projects, agricultural development, aluminum manufacturing and fabrication, and developments to support increased tourism.

Mr. Rubin was Bechtel's program manager for the commercial development of a new phosphoric acid process he invented called BESA-2. His articles about BESA-2 have been published in Chemical & Engineering News and in Phosphorus & Potassium. His work in other fields has also been published. Mr. Rubin wrote an article for Chemical Engineering on the selection of process units using a present-worth cost index method. His treatise on present-worth cost index was also published in Volume 41 of the Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing and Design.

1953 - 1973: For twenty years prior to joining Bechtel, Mr. Rubin was involved in many diverse and challenging assignments. These included the following (in reverse chronological order):

Foster-Wheeler - For one year, Mr. Rubin was a special consultant on phosphate processes and stack gas scrubbing.

Bohna Engineering and Research - Mr. Rubin was, for six years, manager of research and commercial development engaged in phosphate processes and stack gas scrubbing. He holds two patents relating to phosphoric acid manufacturing.

Armour Industrial Chemicals - For six years Mr. Rubin progressed through positions of increasing responsibility. As assistant plant engineer, his duties included design, construction, maintenance, and pollution control for Armour's fatty acid plants. As engineering manager, he had total responsibility for design, engineering, procurement, construction, and start-up of a fatty acid and derivatives plant in Canada.

Olin Mathieson Chemicals - During his four years with Olin Mathieson, Mr. Rubin engaged in process work on military and industrial explosives, solid propellants, and rocket engines. Specific activities included completion of a project for automatic extrusion and packaging of RDX Composition C-4 at the Wabash River Ordnance Works, and a study for bulk packaging and shipment of RDX Composition A-3 using large pressurized rubber containers. Mr. Rubin was also responsible for various project and process engineering assignments in connection with the production of double base and composite solid propellants, dynamite, nitroglycerin, ammonium nitrate, and ANOIL (ammonium nitrate-fuel oil) explosives.

U. S. Rubber Company - For three years (interrupted by his U. S. Navy service as an optical instrument technician) Mr. Rubin was a project engineer for U. S. Rubber. This was his first position after graduating from Purdue, and it involved design of bullet-proof fuel tanks for military aircraft.


Mr. Rubin is a registered professional engineer in Illinois and California, a fifty-year member emeritus of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and a member of the Society of Industry Leaders. He has received numerous Merit Awards from Bechtel recognizing the publication of his technical articles and papers. He is currently an advisor to Guidepoint Global Advisors, an international network of consultants and other academic and industry professionals who provide consulting services to business decision-makers and leading investors from around the world.

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