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I am a Chemical Engineer (1953 graduate of Purdue University) and a Registered Professional Engineer in California and Illinois. Before retiring in December 1993, I worked for Bechtel Corporation (20 years) in San Francisco. If you are interested in my resume click here.

I live aboard a 50-foot Ocean Alexander (Mark 1 Pilot House) motor yacht in Stockton, California. Before she passed away in April 2015, my wife Rita and I enjoyed many wonderful seafaring years together. The yacht is named RIALTO, an acronym for RIta and AL TOgether. We moved aboard in 1981, and have lived aboard ever since! Before our 2001 move to Village West Marina in Stockton, for 20 years we were moored in Sausalito just across the Golden Gate bridge from San Francisco.

We have seven children and ten grandchildren.



As you might expect, our major hobby was boating, and we spent a lot of time cruising the waters of the San Francisco Bay Area. We have also cruised the Pacific coastal area extensively, with many trips to southern California and Mexico. We especially liked cruising in the California Delta, (click for Delta info) and were members of the U.S. Power Squadron for 33 years. Among my other activities, I enjoy creating and managing websites. I created the very first web page for San Joaquin Delta Power Squadron. I also created and was the webmaster for Rita's cake decorating website. When our pet cat Sharky died, after living on our yacht with us for 19 years, I established Sharky's Memorial website to honor him. And, if you're interested in losing weight, then visit my RIALTO Weight Loss Program website where you can learn the technique that Rita and I used to successfully remove excess weight.



Since retiring, I've appeared in court as an expert witness and have been asked to consult on other topics in various areas of my expertise. I established RIALTO ENTERPRISES to provide these consulting services. But, while Rita was alive, most of our time was spent traveling and visiting people and places we always wanted to see. Rita was a photographer, and recorded our trips in many albums of spectacular photos. She taught cake decorating and was a Wilton Method Instructor. We frequently visited Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to enjoy our club membership and accommodations at Paradise Village. Best of all, we liked cruising with our friends and the pleasure of being on the water.



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