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The Hottest Tart in Space
By once "young" Nick Scott                                               

Veena, the girl from the first Star Trek pilot, "The Cage" was a popular model in her day and perfect fodder for being a space Tart who could change her appearance with the help of a little telepathy from the huge-headed Talosians. Really sexy in green Body paint and red, red lips...

Lieutenant Ellis From U.F.O., a British made sci fi serial was famous for waltzing around in a micro mini when she wasn't dolled up in her skintight ribbed silver lamé jumpsuit and regulation Moon Base purple wig. This was one of the weirder of the 70's sci fi shows and worth a look.

Space 1999 by the same people who brought you U.F.O., featured a shape shifter named Maya who was hot in a sort of Hippie Space Tart kind of way as well as a couple of sexy regulars. Couldn't find much information on her on the net, but I did manage to get this photo from the show.

These hotties from around the galaxy give you the general idea of what it means to be a Space Tart, but these days you need more than a sexy pair of gams and a pretty face. No more are the women simply the victims of bug eyed monsters and domineering Klingon scum. Case and point, the awesome Ensign Ro Laren from Star Trek the Next Generation.

Now here's a woman who not only disobeys direct orders from the Captain of the ship she is on, (and Captain Picard, no less!), but also winds up getting the drop on him as well and double crossing him for her own purposes! Along with the obvious Ripley of Alien(s) fame, she is a testament to empowerment of women in the Space Tart universe.

The latest, and my current fave, is the simply awesome 7 of 9 character from Star Trek Voyager. A half-human, Half-Cyborg being with a face like an angel and a body that would make a super model weep! Already far more intelligent than her human counterparts, this Space Tart physically throws around Vulcans and other pesky aliens with equal ease. And she constantly out-thinks crew of the Starship Voyager with the superior technology she has gleaned from the Borg before leaving the Borg Collective to become an "individual". Like us. That's what WE are, right? Right?

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this little primer on Tarts in Space.
I sure had fun "researching" all the different sites and links and so forth. Sure wish I had downloaded those racey polaroids when they were up there, though. Snooze you lose, I guess.

Remember, for more information and links on these characters, simply click on their photos. They even list some additional ones at their sites as well...

--Nick Scott
(signing off for a journey into deep space)

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