Who IS Popdefect?

"Who...who are you, anyway??"

Nick Popdefect himself!

Young Nick Scott Drummer guy Nicki--the wet one in the back--learned to play drums when he was sixteen on a Sears True Tone drum set Tom from Gas Huffer forced him to buy. After a few short years in the basement listening to the Ramones Rocket To Russia record over and over he mastered two rad beats which he can still play to this day. He tossed a "career" in graphic arts into the trashcan to move to a bigger, dirtier city in the hopes of avoiding capture. He now spends his time slapping the sweet Jesus out of his drum kit to fend off constant daymares of pursuit by the Devil. He always appreciates a good dry vodka Martini. Dirty.

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The Boss? Of Popdefect?!!

The Boss His real name is Charlie Hutchinson. No one is exactly sure HOW he came by the name "The Boss". One thing is for certain, though, he learned about life the hard way by fleeing his beatnik parents directly into a school full of hippies. Driven half mad by the high pitched whining of one Steeb Curtis, he began to appreciate the lower tones in the register and now booms violently away on his bass guitar in a last ditch effort at retribution. He enjoys beer and will even drink one if you buy one for him. When not yelling at the audience or being fined for spitting beer he spends time driving around Los Angeles in his cool '66 Dodge sportsman van.

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The worm! Al Popdefect

Al Anderson "Alan" to his mom and pops, he dreamt of being a famous AND well respected film director (how silly is that?). He schooled for years before realizing that watching movies was a lot easier and more fun than making them. He too threw his career into the garbage and moved to Silverlake to get away from all the gunshots over at third and Vermont. Now he toasts the brains of kids with wild feedback from his "Rad" Gretch guitar. When his tuner is working and the battery isn't dead sometimes he can even get it back in tune after all that yanking on the whammy bar. Al steers clear of dark sodas but mysteriously likes really dark beers like Guiness. He even drinks 'em. Wanna make Al's day? The "invisible member" of POPDeFECT? Well, then bore the hell out of yourself by writing to him:


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