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The POPDeFECT Web page, God Dammit!

Hundreds of years in the making, this electronic blob of shameless propaganda is at last on the web to explain one of the truly great mysteries of our time...

Hang on a minute, you fucker

Well, everybody dies and it looks like it was POPDeFECT's turn. That's right, after twenty years the boys have cranked out one last CD and pushing up the daisys. The final performance Were where it all started back in Seattle, Washington (now returned to it's lowly pre-grunge state, and chock full of ugly corporate transplant Californians, software millionaires, and coffee moguls). On November 25th at the Break room Popdefect played their last show and the three record industry scofflaws went off to pursue "other things" (whatever the hell that means). Where are they now? Al is testing software in Los Angeles California and claims he is putting together a musical combo. Charlie moved to Seattle and claims he is going to start a restaurant. Nick is in a new band called The Swords of Fatima with a wild woman named Buko Pan Guerra. You can find out all you want to know and probably a great deal more and hear the band at their website:


Many have heard the name whispered in dark nightclubs and screamed by homeless madmen at the bus stop, but not many know who or what POPDeFECT really is. The astounding truth is enough to surprise nearly everyone. POPDeFECT is probably the best known invisible cult band playing around the country today. Their pictures do not appear on the cover of Spin or Rolling Stone, yet everyone seems to have heard of them. Over the years the three members have survived six vans, two drum sets, three guitars, countless other bands, entire club scenes and record labels and managed to put up with each other the entire time. Well, most of the time, anyway. On this silly web page you will learn who they are and what the hell they have been up to the last few years. If that isn't enough for you, oh, brother do we have more stuff available. Two whole movies, CDs, even VINYL for christsakes! Posters, stickers, cripes! Everything! The eight track tape isn't available yet, but we're working on that. With the help of modern technology, one day EVERYONE will know of POPDeFECT and clink glasses to the Acid Surf Punk Pop that has become the bands signature. For now, the band relaxes in their comfortable Silver Lake homes in dirty old Los Angeles plotting the next move against the monolithic music industry which seems powerless to destroy them.

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