to Die For. . .

Jim and Joyce Meiers' 1958 Convertible

His Honor, the Mayor's 1959 Convertible

Herb and Ted's (former) 1959 Convertible in Flamingo Pink

1959 Coupe

1963 Convertible on Fire

Ann Bushling's 1964 Roadster

Gregg Huston's Fabulo 1967 Suiside 4-Door

1966 Roadster

Grocery Getters' Galleria

Getta Education at StationWagon Dot Com

Madame du Mayor's really fine 57 Country Squire

David Lee's 58 Edsel Bermuda

A Totally Cool 53 Country Squire Custom

John Dean's 63 Country Squire

One Fine 66 Country Squire

A most excellent 55 Country Sedan

56 Pontiac Safari Wagon - Sweet!

A Somewhat Rare 57 Courier Sedan Delivery

A 58 EdChero - for Fun

A 59 Ranch Wagon w/ Ghost Flames

The Penultimate Edsel - 59 Wagon

Another Cool Edsel - 1960 Villager

Not a Ford But Cool - 21 Window MicroBus



The Left-Coast Auto Scene. . .

Coming of Roses 1998

Thunderbirds Parade the 1998 Rose Queen & Court

The Annual Thunderbird Classic

The Paegent of the Thunderbird

Tustin ThunderAuto Expo

Main St. Garden Grove, on any Friday night

Motor Sports at Large . . .


The Mayor's wife posing with some old guy at the Long Beach GP
1996 CART/PPG Champion Jaques Villnueve spells relief.
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