Work Ideas

from E.J. Gold

voluntary evolution

organization of Study Groups


necessity to awaken the machine

how to awaken the machine

candidacy for Work

the kind of attention needed for work

what it means to be in the Work

making everything quiet inside

the voice of conscience

real Work questions

reflexive evolution

body reaction

chief feature

head brain / tail brain

receiving help

overcoming personality

physiological changes

use of teacher's time and attention

working vs. learning

apprenticeship and earning a place for oneself


repairing the Heart

creation of motivation from nothing

making oneself available to receive the teaching

difference between knowledge & information

the nature of “changing understanding”

the Law of Triads

equilibrium of tensions

application of shocks & impressions to produce real change in being

the requirements of a strong Being-shock to produce the witness / essence-I

developing communication between the I's to produce a unified human being

placing identification with the Being rather than with the body

efforts one must make in order to receive these shocks

the “oh no not again” syndrome as strongest ally for work

the necessity of risk-taking in the school

expanding beyond personal suffering

an individual's betrayal of the work

modern superstitions

overcoming fears

the height of inertness

the danger of harmony

lessening the shock of integration

purpose powering motivation

removal of social/primate directives

choosing between ordinary ego life and the life of a being

dying to ordinary life

letting the dead bury the dead

the alternative to human life

the growth of a soul

the soul as raw material

turning on the alchemical factory

assimilation of substances

emotional bodies as psychic phenomena

preparing for the bardos


the illusion of time

aesthetic tolerance to no time flow

the machine as a 4D tunnel through creation

the immortality of the machine

vision of higher dimensions

feeding a higher dimension

creation in higher dimensions

significance of human life in higher dimensions

the evolution of the Absolute

the universe as a purely decorative object

creation and destruction cycles

sacrifice of union

confronting the totality of reality

return to what next